Tom Clancy's The Division Gameplay Interview

Massive Studio Director David Polfeldt discusses the Ubisoft open world RPG game set in New York City, Tom Clancy's The Division, in this exclusive gameplay interview from SXSW Gaming 2015.

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MrCherry1150d ago

Same video game play, but game looks and sounds good im 50/50 with this game, love to see some new video's.

Meltic1150d ago

Why cant he answer the question on how big the World is ? Is it beacuse it can hurt the sales or something ? why hide info

spicelicka1150d ago

When is this freakin game coming outt!!!!

1150d ago
dreamed1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

As much as i want to play this theres no point getting excited due to the FACT it will be 100% broken and unplayable at launch.

Its such an ambitious game and with ubi in charge its a given that it probably wont ever work as intended.

It will be plagued with lag & network issues that wont/cant be fixed.
Great game in concept but thats where it ends,execution will be abismal at best.....dont belive me????....just wait and see.

Tex1171149d ago

You are probably right...

With Ubisoft's awful 2014, I just don't have any confidence they can deliver a game in fine working condition day 1.