Bloodborne Is Where Survival Horror Lives On

While the world of so-called "AAA" games wants to believe survival horror is dead, there's plenty of evidence to the contrary. Hell, the genre is kept very much alive, at least in spirit, by the recently released Bloodborne.

Not only is it a scary bloody game, it catches so many classic horror game tropes, it definitely deserves to be counted as a genuine survival horror game. Plus, y'know, it's got spiders in it.

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Exari1117d ago

Ah, jim, love his videos.. he has good taste in games

rawrock1117d ago

I dont consider Bloodborne survival horror, not enough story and too much constant action for that. Survival horror lives on with The Evil Within.

Snookies121116d ago

Wha-? The Evil Within was too much story that didn't even fit together, and it was pretty much all action. Granted, it had it's moments, but it wasn't the 'savior' of survival horror I was hoping it would be.

I don't think the genre needs story at all, so long as it nails the gameplay and horror aspects.

guyman1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

"not enough story"

That tells me you are not even playing the game, because the story is embedded in exploration and gameplay, everything you do and every step you take contributes to the story. Cut-scenes are not the only way to tell a story. The reason why Naughty dog are so successful is because they tell most of their stories through gameplay as well, which is in my opinion the strongest way of conveying it.

Genova841116d ago

The Evil Within used all the old tricks in the book when it comes to survival horror. Though it was enjoyable it was not the genre defining game. For example:

1. Use of a portal to a bizarre world: silent hill 4, the room
2. "Unkillable enemies" - Those safe-heads vs pyramid-head ...
3. Slithery slimy enemies - the crawlers from resident evil 2
4. A enemy that stalks you - Nemesis from resident evil 3
5. Gameplay mechanics - same as resident evil 4

My other gripe with the evil within is how disjointed the story is. I couldn't tell you what happened or why I cared at the end.

The good thing with bloodborne, is that I can picture myself as the character. I can't do that with the evil within. Granted, I can't do that with the last of us either, but at least I care about those characters.

In the evil within, "evil" could've prevailed and I wouldn't have cared. I mean damn, I used to rout for wesker in the early resident evil games ... you know, before he showed up in every game. Resident Evil 5, I'm talking to you. I felt the same way with this game.

Although Bloodborne is by no means "classic survival horror" I do feel a sense of dread every time I leave my dream. I'm anxious about what I'll encounter, as the environment is ever changing. Also, some of the enemies are just creepy as all bloody hell. Albeit, the snake enemies remind me of the early ones from resident evil 4 ...

Master-H1116d ago

The Evil Within is full of action. Did you miss the last couple of chapters where most zombies have stupid fire weapons? In fact, the last boss was so action-y, it felt like a Platinum Games title.

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mydyingparadiselost1116d ago

Oh Jim, you say you almost died from an allergy, but I know it was just because Willam DaFoe got too rough with you after dinner for dropping Skyrim by Committee. Just do what DaFoe says from now on or leave him and take your chances with Val Kilmer...

OT: I can definitely see how there are influences and similarities, but calling it straight up survival horror may be too much. Doom has a horror aesthetic and plenty of tense moments where you're low on ammo with 18% health, 4 rockets and 5 shotgun shells with a dark room and a prayer for a blue orb in front of you but no one calls it survival horror.

Perjoss1116d ago

First game ever to get a 10 out of 10 score from Jim Sterling. I wholeheartedly agree with him.

360ICE1116d ago

It's about as scary as a fluffy cat wearing fluffy boots.

Silent Hills, Outlast, Amnesia – that's where survival horror lives on.

Don't get me wrong, though. Bloodborne's setting and gameplay is awesome.

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