Evolve DLC Impressions: A Rock Monster and a Hard Place | Shacknews

Evolve's DLC unleashes four new hunters and the Behemoth monster onto the planet Shear. Shacknews goes hands-on with each to how long the new team lasts against a rock monster.

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DDDGirlGamer851175d ago

Game should be Free 2 Play. Paid 60$ and it felt Free to Play, and now they're jamming DLC down my throat.

The_Kills1175d ago

I could not have been more excited for this game till about 2 months before when I saw the envelope being pushed on exploitative practices by the publisher. Went from insta buy to insta never play out of principle. Just a few mins of research before buying and you could have been saved the expense you paid for this robbery of a game.

Farmassy1175d ago

Exact same thing for me. I was really excited about it and then I saw the publisher is going to nickle and dime gamers.

The crappy thing is, is that the game is honestly really good. The game was given to me as a gift. My wife had preordered it for me when I was talking about how awesome it was going to be a few months before release. I have been playing it and really enjoying myself but I don't blame anyone for not getting it.

-Foxtrot1175d ago

Oh goody, extra content which should of been in the game already.

crazychris41241175d ago

Gotta love the comments on the video:

Its stupid that people complain about DLC these days. Specially when its quality DLC. (lol they were only selling dozens of pieces of dlc on the 1st day)

u bought a game with 3 monsters and 12 hunters, be grateful lol. And its not 40 euros, its 20 euros for 4 new hunters and magma skins for goliath, kraken and wraith, reasonable price. If you don't want to play as them, dont buy them, don't worry you can still play against behemoth, u just cant use him. OH btw, be also grateful that ALL NEW MAPS & GAMEMODES WILL BE FREE. FREE. I wish i could say that about alot of other games, where you get kicked out of game just for not having the map because its a DLC ;) (yea we should just be grateful they gave us the game)

TorpeAlex1175d ago

Making each new monster a quarter of the full game price is shameless and disgusting. That's all.

RpgSama1175d ago

I'm really sorry for the developers and hope that Turtle Rock doesn't go trough any kind of layoffs, having said that, I'M SO GLAD that this game has already lost almost all of it's players, hopefully a lot of people refrained from buying it after reading of it's anti-customer practices, I know I did.

2K Really dropped the ball with this game, they should've made it a F2P game with microtransactions for cosmetic stuff, as it is there are A LOT of F2P games with more content than EVOLVE, War Thunder and Warframe are just 2 of those

Antifan1175d ago

This could have been a very good game if it was singleplayer focused. But that actually take effort to pull off. I guarantee is was 2K decision to.cut out single player completely to get some profits.I'm really glad it backfired in their face.

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