Mario Party 10 Review: A Wii U Fail I Play Legit

"To activate the entire game of Mario Party 10, you would have to spend upwards of $200.00. This is absolutely mind-boggling." Ms. Throwback of PL Writes

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Locknuts1149d ago

How to kill a console in 3 easy steps:

1) Degrade quality of software releases.

2) Delay most anticipated game indefinitely.

3) Announce successor.

Well done Nintendo. Well done :(

Coachkeys1149d ago

If they stopped focusing on titles like this and Wii Party U, we'd probably have a new Metroid and Zelda by now lol. I love Nintendo but they create a lot of filler.

gamerdad3161149d ago

The reviewer is incorrect. You can access all of the amiibo party boards with a single amiibo. The other boards can be accessed by playing the game.