Yorbie: Episode 1 – Payback’s a Bolt Review – Wasting Bolts (PSLS)

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "Yorbie is not a good game. It’s barely a decent game. At an asking price of $19.99 ($17.99 if you’re on PS+), this is a very hard sell. The novelty of same-screen co-op is tempting, but not for this heavy of an investment...If you absolutely love the platforming genre mixed with sci-fi, you still need to wait until this game is discounted. Heavily."

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ftwrthtx1179d ago

This will probably end up as a freebie at some point.

T3mpr1x1179d ago

Even at a cost of NOTHING, it's hardly worth your time.

knifefight1178d ago

Well that is unfortunate.