Dead Or Alive 5 Launches For PC As Angry Gamers Rage

One Angry Gamer "Team Ninja’s PC rendition of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has just launched for PC, and with barely an hour of gameplay on their records, PC gamers have picked up the pitchforks and lit the torches, because they’re going on a poor-port witch hunt and they’re aiming to burn the house down."

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bOObies1083d ago

I am not sure even my fanatical devotion can save Team Ninja this time :/

Stiffler1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

VERY relevant name lol. Not good about DOA, IMO it hasn't done too well as a franchise in a long time. I hope things can pickup somehow in the future.

caseh1083d ago

Kinda shows how irrelevant the game has become when you can barely find more than 2 lobbies during peak hours.

That's within a few weeks of the Core and retail release. May be different for US but EU population has died off really quickly.

Gribbles1083d ago

It's amazing the overblown sense of entitlement and arrogance pc gamers have.

They whine and cry about games not being brought to their platform, constantly demanding that games come to their platform with all their constant whining petitions, and when devs finally DO bring their games to their platform, they're still whining and crying.

They're never happy or satisfied. And then they wonder why people see them as entitled.

Nwah1083d ago

Would you be happy with a shitty port from PC to your console?

freshslicepizza1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

no, and that's the thing. we can have daily articles about every discrepancy between the console versions right down to the very last pixel and if a game doesn't use every last ounce of power they cry parity.

then we have the pc ports where especially japanese studios put little effort in and the attitude from console fans who don't care about the pc platform is to just be happy you're getting it.

ShaunCameron1082d ago

@ moldybread

Japanese developers put little effort, because they don't care about the PC platform in addition to the fact that PC gaming isn't all that popular in their own country.

hkgamer1083d ago

I agree half and half. PC gamers have wanted console ports for a long time. But times have changed and almost every console game is released on PC now. They have also been pretty good ports. We don't get dodgy ports like re4 anymore.

DOA seems like a lazy port. But I guess its better than nothing.

Septic1083d ago

" and when devs finally DO bring their games to their platform, they're still whining and crying. "

What are you on about?? The PC crowd never asked for a crappy port. You think they have no cause to complain because they got a wonky version of the game?

"They're never happy or satisfied. And then they wonder why people see them as entitled."

Want to generalise more? Yours is the kind of ignorant post that fuels the PC crowd's animosity towards the console crowd.

gamer78041083d ago

not that i agree with his generalization of pcgamers, but honestly the game was broken for ps4 and xbox one when it came out. They are still patching up major issues on the xbox one that prevented online play due to crashes. Give team ninja some time to work out the kinks. I know not having online play for a few months is annoying but you can still do local co-op to practice.

kraenk121083d ago

The only one around here with an overblown sense of entitlement and arrogance is you my friend.

Seafort1083d ago

I guess you're happy with broken games with missing features on consoles which may be patched in in a few months time?

How about you get off your high horse as the console gamers will be next for the sloppy ports when people just accept broken games and publishers taken advantage of that blasé attitude.

PC gamers to fight for improvements and will call out developers if the game isn't up to par. How about you do the same?

I seem to remember console gamers weren't too happy about the multiplayer for Halo MCC. You complained but PC gamers can't as it makes us entitled. Some double standards right there :)

Volkama1083d ago

If something like tlou remastered on the PS4 looked the same as the PS3 version you'd be a bit miffed. That's all that this is.

In actual fact its a misconception based on a fact sheet, as the PC version probably looks better than the current get versions just by virtue of the anti-aliasing alone. But it's still strange and disappointing that they introduced some new tech for the ps4 and One, and neglected to include it in the PC version that released afterward.

uth111082d ago

It's because too many of them believe in spending money on hardware, but very little on software (massive steam sales, humble bundles, piracy). And they can't grasp that choice has consequences. Developers focus on the hands that feeds them.

Volkama1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Yeah this one bad port means that devs don't care for PC gamers. Nevermind the fact that almost every other game is unequivocally better on the PC, this is the one that indicates a trend and everything else is a bizarro exception.

Incidentally, PC games are only really "cheaper" when the platform licensing and royalty fees, and physical distribution costs are removed. Devs still get a pretty similar return on those "cheap" PC games, it's the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and Gamestop that miss out. That's why the software is cheaper.

blackmagic1082d ago

For a new console game that sells for $60, $12 goes to the retail outlet, $7 goes to the platform holder (Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony), $3 goes to packaging.

On Steam, Valve is the distributor, there isn't a retail outlet ($12), there isn't a platform holder ($7) and there isn't any packaging ($3). The game can sell for $38 on day one and still make as much money for the dev as a $60 console game.

uth111082d ago

that may be true, but look at how many PC gamers brag about waiting for the Steam sales and picking games up for $3 here, $5 there

blackmagic1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

$3 + ($12 + $7 + $3) = $25. Have you ever seen a console game on sale for $25? Same thing.

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Allsystemgamer1082d ago

Uh it doesn't even have multiplayer. There's valid reasons people are pissed. They stripped it from the console release.

d3nworth11082d ago

I'm no PC gamer but I believe they have the right to be upset at such a halfass port. I coming from the PS3 which got alot of shitty ports in its day. Its not a good feeling to pay as much money as the next guy and get crap. At the same time PC gamers are partially to blame. When Dead rising 3 came to PC capcom locked it at 30fps and then PC gamers unlocked it. When FF13 came to PC it was locked at 720p then PC gamers unlocked it. In the end the publisher wins they got your money and free labor and there is nothing stopping them from making another crappy port.

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Pastorfuzz1082d ago

Maybe another $1000.00 video card will make it work better!

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