Is Bloodborne The New Face of Survival Horror?

Bloodborne is very scary at times. There is terror in losing so much progress. But could this be the new face of survival horror?


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DEEBO1062d ago

Yes it it with a headset,you will be jumping in no time like you was resident evil 1.

mic_cala1061d ago

Yes it very well could be, the whole game is very unsettling, i dont think i felt comfortable playin it once yet but then again when you know one wrong move could kill you its hard to be comfortable.

ThunderPulse1061d ago

Are you 3 years old? Bloodborne isn't even spooky its just a walk through the park while raining atmosphere.

ArchangelMike1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Great vid as per usual. I have to say, very very few games have actually terrified me when I play them during the day time. Bloordorne does... and I usually only get time to play when everyone has relinquished the TV i.e. late at night... which forces me to use headphones so I don't wake the whole house up with nightmare sounds... which has actually happened. Playing Bloodborne at night... with the lights off... with headphones on... OMG!?! Survival horror at it's finest I tell you.

ThunderPulse1061d ago

How the hell are you terrified when playing Bloodborne the only terrifying thought in Bloodborne is losing over 100,000 blood echoes.

ArchangelMike1061d ago

You my friend have lost your sense of immersion. Such a shame, you'd enjoy games more if you allowed the to immerse you in their worlds. Oh well, to each his own.

But yeah, you're slos right that the real terror comes from trying to go back to the guy who killed you to retrieve the 10,000 blood echoes you dropped. That is the definition of dread. :)