HBHUD'S Review of Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge is the probably the most genuine faux-retro game I’ve ever played, but not because it accurately recreates the things that we all liked about those classic games of yore, any game can do that. What makes Axiom Verge so authentic is that it embraces the warts and rough edges that made the NES era of gaming history so mysterious and strange. Not only that, it turns those bugs and broken code into both a visual style and a gameplay conceit, making the glitches that we used to dread and savour in equal measure into a core part of the game. Add onto that some top quality Metroidvania dungeon-delving, a truly hardcore level of difficulty, and a fantastic soundtrack, and you have one of the most interesting games to come out for the PS4.
- Matt Broitman, HBHUD

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