How to Kill Rom, the Vacuous Spider in Bloodborne

You deserve some props for making it to this particular fight, since the only way to access Rom, the Vacuous Spider is to essentially commit suicide.

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Naji4Me1025d ago

I did it.
Just Dont give up.

Utalkin2me1024d ago

Also use a hand cannon =)

goldwyncq1025d ago

The most annoying boss so far.

bouzebbal1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

i didnt get there yet. i think i'm so addicted to this game, but i dont even know why. anyone in the same case?

Ozmoses1025d ago

I like to call it the BloodborneBug. It's an illness we've all had since we first stepped into Yharnam.

AfroGear1025d ago

Come on guys, can't we keep boss spoilers out of the titles for God's sake.

ValKilmer1025d ago

What, you didn't know he was Vacuous?

mic_cala1025d ago

Im still stuck on amelia even using the numbing mist i cant beat her.

Thinking of just moving on to old yarnham and doing that area instead.

SmielmaN1024d ago

Beat her in one try. Only boss I've had that kind of success with. Bring molotovs for distance damage. Roll at her when she attacks and stay to her left hand with the locket. Slash 2-3 times on that side and she may get stunned and you can wail again 3-4 hit before dodging out of the way of the sweeping attacks and use a blood vial. I was stunned I got it on one try, I die A LOT and was not in any way ready for this style of game when I started.

GameBoyColor1024d ago

if you still haven't bested her, use fire paper for 2x the damage and spam her sides. dodge into her moves and keep burning her hp down. When she heals, either throw a mist or keep burning.
Don't forget about visceral attacks either. She'll get stunned when you ruthlessly slash at her over and over lol.
(Extra Tip: She won't heal as long as you're right next to her... probably)

mic_cala1024d ago

Cheers for the advice guys, i ended kicking her ass right after i posted, just stuck close to her legs and started hacking away. She really only dangerous if u keep ur distance that ground slam is a killer.

Onto the blood starved beast :)

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