This New Star Citizen Ship Is Ludicrously Expensive

Star Citizen is releasing a new ship. Not only is is super expensive, but you won't even be able to use it for awhile!

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ArchangelMike1058d ago

Seriously though... I know I've said this before, but without a release date... heck even a target release date.. the develpment of this game simply becomes a cash grab.

$77 million and you're still asking for more money... without a release date?

What if they decide that the game will take anouther 2 years, 3years... heck 5 years... only to release a game with specifications so high that the vast majority of gamers out there cant afford to play anyway. smh.

There's a saying... "all that glitters is not gold".

heychrisfox1058d ago

Although, to play devil's advocate, not giving a release date helps them avoid the Rockstar issue of announcing and pushing back a zillion times, which frustrates people.

I'm okay without a release date, but selling so much for so little access is frustrating.

Peekayboo1058d ago

They have a timeline of goals for releasing parts of the game

I can play the current unoptimized mess they have out right now on a 7 year old i7 920 with a 660 ti @720p and fps from 70 to 120.

My biggest issue with them right now is getting the basic movement right.

ArchangelMike1058d ago

So you're saying 3+ years in development and $77million later and they still haven't sorted out movement?

Anyway, I really don't like this idea of release a game in bits. You really don't feel like you got the whole package you paid for, and then when you add up how much you paid for each of those 'little bits' of game, it turns out you've forked out enough to buy ten games.0.o

Peekayboo1058d ago

The tricky part of getting proper movement in a game is people adapt and learn to accept things that aren't right over time as normal. I'm not sure if this is the case but currently it's not up to a level a competitive game should be at.

You only need to pay once unless you don't have an alpha slot and want to play early but at this point playing early isn't worth the $5 if you ask me.

The real way Star Citizen is trying to make money is up selling people by letting them melt their ship and upgrade for another $5 or $10 until they have some $80-250 ship