Bloodborne: Here's What Happens When You Take Off Your Blood-Soaked Gear

"Bloodborne has a hidden feature: persistent blood effects."

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SpinalRemains1381181d ago

That's cool.

I also love how you can see the characters breath condensation while in the cold. When I first noticed it I thought it was real cool.

SmielmaN1181d ago

Ya neat feature. I didn't know this but i definitely love detail and this game has plenty of it.

Next up for me today is to get that nun out of gaol to the safe place

SuperRaccoon1181d ago

I love that the doll greets you when you do the salutation gesture. I got excited when I found out and now I greet her every time I go see her, cool detail.

Eyesoftheraven1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Interesting they have all these neat, macro details yet no lip syncing. Must not have considered it worth the work given the lack of dialogue. The little bit of dialogue is awesome though.

Spenok1180d ago

Breath condensation is a feature that's been available since PS2... hell, probably even PS1 days.

Don't get get me wrong, little details enhance the overall experience greatly, but I wouldn't call this new or even special really.

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mixelon1181d ago

That's really cool.

All these weird little details add up - it's a seriously impressive game in so many ways. I wish more games had such an attention to detail, the love shows.

UKmilitia1181d ago

i noticed this and thought it was an awesome thing.
love all the touches and this game is quickly becoming my best ps4 game.

i have noticed loads of audio and graphic issues in old yharan which kind of ruined it and they need to sort the framerate out in some areas but the game itself is awesome.

DanteVFenris6661181d ago

this game has the best blood particle/physics system ive seen