Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Is Every Bit As Good As The Original

IM PLAYIN discuss why they believe that New 'n' Tasty is every bit as good as the original Oddworld title.

"It’s rare for me to think that a remake is as good as the original, especially when that ‘original’ is one of my favourite games from my childhood. For me, Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey is one of those games. Abe’s Odyssey was at the pinnacle of platforming games back in the late 90s on the PS1, and the game sucked up hours upon hours of my time when I was growing up. Its tricky puzzles, slightly creepy undertones and beautiful graphics helped to make it one of my favourite games of that generation. So, when I heard that ‘Just Add Water’ were remaking the game “from the ground up” I was both sceptical and excited. I was excited because I was relishing the opportunity to play that wonderful game again, but I was sceptical due to my concerns that the remake might not live up to the wonders of the original. My scepticism, however, was unnecessary."

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Coachkeys1178d ago

Doesn't surprise me. That's a game that'll always hold its weight. They need to remake Blackthorne!!!

GenuineGamer1178d ago

Such good memories playing this game on ps1. I hope they do Abe's Exoddus next :D

Coachkeys1178d ago

I recall them saying if the first remake does well they would go ahead with exoddus.. and a brand new title.

GenuineGamer1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Cool i'm sure it will do well, i know ill be buying it :)

A brand new title??? That would be awesome!

WeAreLegion1178d ago

Almost. I wish they hadn't replaced Abe's voice acting.

ginsunuva1178d ago

They replaced it? No wonder the voice I expected in my head was slightly different than what came out. I thought my memory was bad

WeAreLegion1177d ago

They recorded all new audio. :/

darkhitman1178d ago

Got my 8 year old nephew to try it the other day he is loving it but finding it very hard