Decent, But Laboured – Game of Thrones Episode 3 – The Sword In The Darkness Review

Pixel Gate Uk looks at the latest episode of Game of Thrones from Telltale games:

''Telltale have been praised for their story telling ability, leading them to take on more ambitious projects. From the emotionally charged The Walking Dead, to the dark crime drama of The Wolf Among Us, Telltale know their craft.

Game of Thrones represents Telltales biggest challenge yet, a challenge that Telltale are struggling with. After two episodes of Game of Thrones, the series is still trying to find its vein of form. Episode three, The Sword in the Darkness, signifies a defining point in the series in which the games true faults become clear, and it’s success project.''

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gamertk4211203d ago

I thought it was the best episode so far by a large margin.

kraenk121203d ago

Agree 100 percent. I'm generally impressed how close the quality of the game comes to the TV series but this episode was the closest yet.

PixelGateUk1202d ago

It's a solid episode, but it all feels like build up so far...which is not a bad thing, but the series needs it's 'fire' if you get what i mean?

Yetter1202d ago

Pretty shocked at this score. I really enjoyed this episode, probably my favorite of the series so far

PixelGateUk1202d ago

The Game of thrones series has yet to really impress me, it's decent, but TellTale can do better. I think it won't come into it's own till the second season, there's a lot of build up to be had

BenRage31202d ago

Same here, it was the best of the three so far. I loved every moment and the choices were very difficult to make. I knew what decisions to make, but that didn't make it any easier.

PixelGateUk1202d ago

I hear you, but like i said, the series (so far) feels like constant build up. It's a tricky task to make 4 stories compelling, and connected, so i can see why it's all build up, but i still think TellTale can do better. I don't tend to throw out high scores, 6/10 is above average.

BenRage31202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

But they're following the formula of the tv show. Would you assert the tv show suffered from the same problem? The show in the 4th season was still building the story line. I don't see that as a valid criticism.