6 Things We Think About Rainbow Six Siege

IGN - Much to my chagrin, Rainbow Six Siege went completely dark following its jaw-dropping, IGN Best of Show-winning E3 2014 reveal. So to say I was excited to see it again after a nine-month wait is an understatement. And after getting to spend several hours with the upcoming closed alpha build on PC, my enthusiasm for the tense, tactical, trash-everything first-person shooter has not diminished. But I have a few concerns as well.

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ThePresentIsAgift1025d ago

Sounds fine to me (alleged visual downgrades I take with a mountain of salt).

Hell I booted up the original Vegas via steam and it's still a riot to play. I love the tension, the weight of the weapons and the fact that a single bullet from any and every encounter can be deadly.

In terrorist hunt it gave me a respect for my adversaries that few games can muster. Fingers crossed for Siege.