Skullcandy SLYR GMX+1 Gaming Headset for Xbox One Game Review / Popzara

Perfectly acceptable sound quality with onboard balancing and volume controls a handy extra touch; a solid headset if you’re specifically after Xbox One compatibility.

Full review by Cory Galliher on Popzara

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TheXgamerLive1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

The headset they made for the Xbox 360 had the best sound of any 360 headset under $100.00us and theirs was just $37.99us at Target stores. However the chat coming in was just so so.

I'm really excited to see a Skullcandy headset coming in for the Xbox One, I'll buy it if it's less than $120.00us. I also prefer wired sets as apposed to a constant charging wireless set.

Hmmm, just 100.00us. I would like to see it compared to MS own Xbox One wired headset that's now priced at 69,99.