PS4 Promised Features – Has Sony Delivered?

On Feb. 20, 2013, Sony made an announcement that would forever change the gaming landscape. They announced the successor to the PlayStation 3 — appropriately dubbed the PlayStation 4 — and announced their lofty goals for the platform to the world via a press conference in New York City. These PS4 promised features included stuff that PlayStation owners now know and love such as Share Play and PlayStation Now, but also included some features that have still not been implemented into the system.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1059d ago

They promised SHAREplay and Pause and resume back at the PS4 reveal, and they've delivered. Both are solid current gen features. Can't complain!

ABBAJESUS1059d ago

Sony gave players what we wanted. That is the reason why they are leading against microsoft.

Kurt Russell1059d ago

Console features yes... but my PS4 lacks games at the moment. Bloodbourne is out and brilliant, but other than that I feel it has been a slow start full of HD remakes of games I've played before.

6DEAD6END61058d ago


What games has MS really released worth talking about?

Kurt Russell1058d ago

I never mentioned MS as I opted for a PS4 this gen (I'd love to own both but am put off of paying 2 online subscriptions at once for now) so I can't really comment.

I just felt both consoles would have started to pick up pace by now... I expected the tech demo pretty games earlier last year, and games with a bit more substance earlier this. But with the odd exception, that hasn't really been the case.

6DEAD6END61058d ago


I was just saying that in my opinion MS has no real game either to be fair that's all. I wasn't trying g to call you out.

Kurt Russell1058d ago

No worries, just thought I'd respond.

kstap331059d ago

I'm sure many are still wanting/waiting for dlna. Otherwise, I think so. Remote play is a feature I'm looking forward to on Xbox one once it becomes available.

Spotie1059d ago

I don't think dlna was ever promised, so that's not on Sony.

Death1059d ago

DLNA wasn't promised, it's a feature that was assumed would be present since it is available on the PS3 and just about every Blu-ray player released. I picked up a couple Sony Blu-ray players to use as media extenders for less than $100 each to do it. I would almost think at this time DLNA would have to be consciously removed more than forgotten.

kraenk121059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )


Every TV these days can do that...why does anyone care at all?!

DarXyde1059d ago

In the 2.50 update log on PS Blog, a user mentioned DLNA.

To paraphrase, the staff said, "it's coming, but we don't want a copy/paste of last gen features. We want to make it next gen DLNA".

Take that as you will, but I believe you're correct. Just pointing out that we may be right in expecting it.

vacoby51059d ago

It wasn't promised before launch. It was promised after many many asked for it, and was promised to come in an update.. as they said, "we value your feedback"

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Travis37081059d ago

I'm loving the features Sony is bringing. They'll have even more soon. I can't wait for the next big update!

itisallaboutps1059d ago

Spotify enough said! Best feature on the ps4!works like a charm

bloodybutcher1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

Yeah it's really great. I just have a poblem with the volume, it seems to be lower on my headphones and tv then with games or films. Normally my headphones (tritton 720+) on high volume are too loud for me, but with Spotify max level seems like medium.Does anyone else have that?
Edit:i have all audio settings on ps4 on max.

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