Rainbow Six Siege Hands-On Impressions - IGN

IGN:"Ryan and Destin got to play the Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha. Here's what we liked...and what we didn't."

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blackout1025d ago

All game modes are 5 vs 5, don't really know if i'm interested now. I'm playing Hardline with 32 players (Rescue), for me just seem like a step backwards. Everything I saw seem tight and claustrophobic. If you watched all the defense did was sit in the corner. The wrong game mode got throne away I feel (E3 2011). They better pick the right month for release cause there is a lot of game coming at the end of this year. let alone the beast that just got let out of the bag 10/27/15.

Pandamobile1025d ago

Adding more players to a map doesn't make it better. It drastically alters the pacing and tension of the game. Comparing it to Battlefield is pretty silly. It's a lot closer to Counter Strike.

700p1025d ago

I cant wait for this game

ifistbrowni1025d ago

5v5 seems fine, I dont know why you would want 32 players in a tactical shooter..

A few things though... Graphical Downgrade??? Who would've thought that a Ubisoft game would be graphically downgraded?

Another thing, they changed the Hostage to a male... So, it's okay for a Male to be killed, kidnapped, etc but it's not okay for a female? I think the hostage should have to be an alien life form because, as a male, I am extremely offended (sarcasm). The females who complain about stuff like this couldn't look any less strong...

hiredhelp1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

This is tactical game not hollywood call of duty/Bf so 32 ppl breaching in a house get quiet frantic turn into a house party with guns.

UmbrellaBlimp1025d ago

Battlefield and Rainbow six are entirely different types of FPS games. I personally love both but could never compare the two.....

Maybe the RB6 series just isn't for you.

victorMaje1025d ago

Less is more :)
I take quality over quantity any day of the week :) that is of course if gamers get the quality they're hoping for & up till now gameplay seems promising...

GetSomeLoGiK1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

It's not a step backwards.....just a different pace. Its tight and claustrophobic because their is a smaller number of people which means smaller maps. Play Battlefield then jump into a game like The Last of Us online, it will be just as instense even with only 4 people on each team. Also, imo there is a lot more strategy and communication in small team based games. Battlefield is more of a run and gun game where you can do what you want without talking and still win.

Also it's kind of funny when you said all the defense did was sit in a corner, when as defense your job is to defend or stand ground. If you ever watch Counter Strikee, the CT hardly ever pushes out. Why would they? The bomb site is in their territory and the same with terrorists in hostage game mode. The smart thing would be to let the enemy come to you and adjust accordingly.

KTF261025d ago

It's tactical FPS
You need to communicate with your team to find the best way to win
It'll be a big mess if there are a lot of players in your team

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Kyosuke_Sanada1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

I really hope they haven't switched out hostages due to some idiots calling foul. The game allows you to create a female soldier so obviously they never aimed for objectifying woman (even though I pretty much know they never had in the first place.) Man this decade is rife with shouting matches of first world problems and the funny thing is there are actually people getting paid to do it.

Mr_cheese1025d ago

The industry seems to be going through a sticky stage with particular subjects, in this case a woman being a flag of sorts and i have to say it is getting ridiculous. The developers keep bowing to the pressure though. I honestly wish more developers would just stand up and say, "ok, I see your opinion but f*ck off, this is our vision and if you don't see it, don't buy it"

EvilWay1025d ago

No they needed to add other game modes. People won't want to play rescue forever it will get boring. People also want a classic competitive R6 game and this is it to a point but then again it isn't

BC_Master_Haze1025d ago

Lil more room for creativity in this though.

Grown Folks Talk1025d ago

Most likely pick this up, & i'm hoping for a Ghost Recon announcement at E3.

GreetingsfromCanada1025d ago

I'm guessing they want to make it more accessible to reach a broader audience.