Introducing PlayStation Underground

By Ryan Clements "For those PlayStation gamers that don’t remember (or, perhaps, hadn’t yet appeared on this Earth), PlayStation Underground was a video magazine and series of demo discs which Sony Computer Entertainment America produced in the late ’90s. Now, we’re bringing PlayStation Underground back in the form of an online show about video games."

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Omar911085d ago

Sounds awesome! I remember PU but never subscribed

Fishermenofwar1085d ago

I remember buying them for the demo disks you

Stapleface1085d ago

I remember demo discs. Most of them had more content than full price AAA games do now days. Good times.

Thehyph1085d ago

My ps1 definitely spent more time spinning demo discs than game discs.

I probably spent the most time playing the Warhawk demo.

Fishermenofwar1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Do you remember the first disk that had the downhill skating demo?

I must have played that for ages ...ESPN Extreme games demo....the nostalgia

Shineon1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Remember when you push R1 on a game demo, the tile would flip over revealing a button sequence code for a hidden demo or a game video

NatureOfLogic_1085d ago

Wow, this comment made me very nostalgic. Good times.

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