Tales From the Borderlands: Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged Review | GameCloud Australia

Patrick Waring at GameCloud Australia writes:

"I enjoyed my time with TFTB: Episode 2, but I’m worried that the hype I want to feel for this game won’t be paid off. The gameplay issues from the first episode are hanging around, and they aren’t improving; detracting from an otherwise great story. The cliffhangers and narrative-setups that Telltale are throwing in are also great at making me want to look forward to the next episode. However, it’s difficult to maintain that interest when release dates are constantly pushed back, and you can never know when the next one is coming. The series has me hooked, and I want to rave about it the same way I would The Walking Dead; there are just a few problems that need to be worked out before it’s there. Figure it out, Telltale, because I want it in and around my mouth."

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