Grand Theft Auto V PC – What to expect?

"Guys, I was really busy building this amazing website, lately I invested some of my free time in GTA 5 and I have just completed some hours ago the main mission line on Xbox One, so I’ve decided to write about my Grand Theft Auto V experience. You don’t have to be worried about spoilers, because I’ll try not to spoil anything for you." - GamersPost

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GamersPost1209d ago

I'll answer any questions on the site or here in the comment section. :)

Spinal1208d ago

Lately I've been wondering about the load times, I think its ridiculous that it takes longer to load on my PS4 than on the 360.

So much for 'next gen' consoles...

I'm wondering whether the load times are far shorter on PC then I may make the switch permanently to PC for GTA 5.

Rebo001208d ago

Probably due to much bigger textures having to load for the PS4 version.

Stapleface1208d ago

They will be shorter if you run the game on an SSD. PC load times are usually significantly shorter in that case. Their not too bad on an SSHD either. You can make that change on your ps4 as well. Other factors contribute to faster load times on pc as well, like having just plain more powerful hardware.

decrypt1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Well PS4 or the XB1 come loaded with 5400RPM 2.5inch HDDs, which are dinosaur slow in tech terms. The 1.6ghz tablet CPUs within these consoles dont help either. Hence the load times can be painfully long.

For fast load times you could get a PC loaded up with an SSD which will drastically cut down on load times. If you want even faster load times, you could get something like Dimmdrive, load up games on the RAM. Games loading from RAM are so blazing fast its insane.

Now before some console fan cries you can get SSD on console, well yes you can. However there are too many limitations on console. First consoles are ment to be cheap machines, Hence getting an SSD for a console is such a waste. Second the cheap CPUs within the console can never make full use of that SSD, so really you can use a SSD to full potential on a console not to mention consoles use old Sata 2 standard.

Lastly PCs have ability to load up multiple drives, hence you could load up a PC with 2-3 drives. Eliminating the need to buy one big SSD. You could just buy a 300gig SSD for a PC load up the games you are currently playing. On console since you can only have 1 drive you will need to buy a super large 1 TB SSD atleast or else you will end up compromising your console in terms of space.

GamersPost1208d ago

Basically if you load a race or a deathmatch the load time is about 50 secs on Xbox One

sander97021208d ago

Did they implement some sort of new physics engine like PhysX?
If not did they at least improve particle effects?

DonkeyDoner1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

bugs and glitches with high end PC requirement

Stapleface1208d ago

A 660 is the recommended. Not exactly considered high end any more. I do expect bugs and glitches. Like every other game I've played in recent years. Can't name one that didn' have any.

sorane1208d ago

Well hopefully they've had time to fix all the bugs and glitches that are in the console versions before they release the definitive edition. At least we know they won't have to downgrade the graphics to do it like they had to in the last patch for the console versions. Hopefully you guys did a good job beta testing it for us.

Rebo001208d ago

I'm assuming English isn't your first language?
If it is you really need to proof read your article before posting.
If you're viewing 4k screenshots on a 1080p monitor you obviously won't see the difference unless you zoom into the picture at which point it will blur less than it would if it were a 1080p picture.
You also don't mention any of the negatives in the game. It's fine to make an article based on your opinion but if you didn't see any negatives in the game then you're not paying enough attention to it.

GamersPost1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

True. Thank you for your comment. :)
The main negatives for me:
- If you are playing the multiplayer mode with strangers they will often try to cheat on races, they will try to knock you out, and in freeroam mode there is no safe haven for you from those crazy dudes out there, they will try to kill you and blow up your nice freshly-tuned car (I think that on PC there won't be as many assholes as on Xbox One)
- In GTA Online the car upgrades require a high player level (seriously, I cannot choose the chrome color for my ride and I need to be level 49 to get that?)
- GTA 5 is unlike Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed, if you are freeroaming you barely find stuff to do (at least that's how I feel about it)

WheatBread1208d ago

hopefully not another delay

Grave1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

The servers to be down for days.

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