Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review | GameCloud Australia

William Kirk at GameCloud Australia writes:

"Final Fantasy Type-0 is a game which I had high hopes for; and while it ultimately fell short of my expectations, I still very much enjoyed my time with it. Like most recent entries in the series, it’s yet another mixed bag when it comes to almost all of its components; well, with the exception of the gameplay. This is arguably one of the best JRPG systems to date. The funny thing is, what I liked most about it were qualities I wasn’t actually expecting to appreciate. After so much advertising pushing the fact this was a meant to be different type of Final Fantasy, I was also shocked by how genuine it is to the spirit of the series. As a HD remaster, it’s a solid effort with some noticeable inconsistencies. But the biggest problem with Type-0, apart from the convoluted traits it shares with XIII, is simply the fact it’s better suited as a portable game. It’s not quite the revolution the series needs, but it’s undeniably another step in the right direction."

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