Greg Moore talks Vergil's storyline and lack of disc release for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Capcom's Greg Moore discusses the lack of a physical disc release for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition in addition to Vergil's storyline.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Sounds like there won't be alot of story fleshed out for Nero's involvement with Vergil however I hope it is enough to fill in a few blanks between their connection.

Also I'm sorry but "being complicated" isn't enough to justify why there isn't a physical release for the West!

Tony-Red-Grave1117d ago

All i'm hoping is they don't make Nero Vergil's son. That's it, the timeline is weird as is.

OmegaShen1117d ago

DMC, the worst selling game gets disc copy and yet Devil May Cry 4 doesn't for US?

Guessing Capcom doesn't like more money.

Blank1117d ago

I dont know what is going on at the house of Capcom its too blatant they hate money and fans are they having lunches with SquareEnix?

Roccetarius1117d ago

Capcom, Square Enix and other companies have been making some backwards decisions for years. It's almost like they hired the worst applications on purpose.

Tony-Red-Grave1117d ago

Well in DmCs case it was probably more a Ninja Theory thing than a Capcom thing. But, guessing aside from a business standpoint they'd earn mor money from a digital release than physical since physical releases tend to mean printing discs which retailers sell. So they'd be paying for discs and for for retailers selling them new.

So when you say Capcom doesn't like money for doing physical releases, just keep in mind they profit more from digital.

Elda1117d ago

Absolutely agreed!..anyone disagreeing is just in some DMC fanboyism DENIAL.

rainslacker1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

They'd still profit from a physical release, just not quite as much.

If there is no physical release it's because they feel that there isnt enough profit in it to take the risk. This would likely be due to the fact that they feel they wouldn't sell enough copies to make up for the marketing, manufacturing, and distribution costs.

I'll wait for the eventual re-remaster directors cut super ultra compilation edition of all 4 games which is likely to release in 3-4 years. If there's one thing you can count on, it's that Capcom will milk it's popular franchises.

fei-hung1117d ago

It's £25 from playasia so I'll pick it up from there

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DxTrixterz1117d ago

They know well that DMC4 SE will sell better and by selling it digitally only they make sure we don't get to buy it cheaper second hand.

LamerTamer1116d ago

Yeah Crapcom has been on a war against used games like forever now. They love online DRM, They even made a 3DS cartridge with an undeletable save game so the cart would be worthless used as the previous owners save would be there.

Elda1117d ago

Basically Capcom is saving a lot of money of not having to pay for manufacturing cost of the blue-ray disc including the boxes they come in,including distribution cost.For a seven year old game that might not sell as many as when it first released is a smart move money wise.

Tony-Red-Grave1117d ago

Damn wish i'd seen your comment first, have a bubble

rainslacker1117d ago

You also lose out on the sales of people who don't buy digital, or those impulse buys of people who happen to see it in the store.

jc485731116d ago

This is where import comes in as an alternative choice. I really don't mind importing games as long as they have an option for English VO.

SuperRaccoon1117d ago

As a big Devil May Cry fan, the fact that it won't have a disc release has dissuaded me from buying at launch. I'll just wait for a good sale or possible PS+ release. I already 100% this, so I can wait.

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