Microsoft Executive On No Man's Sky, Games At E3 And The Controversial Xbox One Parity Clause

No Man's Sky is one of the most anticipated indie games of 2015. Scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and PC sometime this year, the game will not be coming on the Xbox One.

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Dudebro90871d ago

It will come to Xbox in time. Guaranteed.

SoapShoes871d ago

Not if Sony secures it like they did other indie titles. We don't know.

RiseofScorpio871d ago

Its coming to PC that's something Sony wouldn't let happen just like Resogun. Hello games doesn't want to sell off their IP I'm sure.

u4one871d ago

coming to pc as well. sony probably wouldn't let that happen if they did.. hence no bloodborne, driveclub and the order etc not being available for pc either.

NuggetsOfGod871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

Ugh... star citizen please!!! I have a pc and don't even want no man's sky.

A game that devs are scared to talk about lol

I rather have a multi crew star trek cinematic experience in an open world.

No man's just looks like a mindecrafty experience. No thanks if so.

Khajiit86870d ago Show
OsirisBlack870d ago (Edited 870d ago )

To the debate above, Street fighter V is coming to the PC also but will not be on the XB1. There is no way to know if NMS will or will not be on the XB1 at this time anything we say is simply speculation.

Docknoss870d ago

Sony doesn't have the money to keep studios open let alone keep Microsoft from getting the game.

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Moldiver871d ago

It'll come for sure. in the meantime we have elite dangerous! :)

uptownsoul871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

Elite Dangerous has already been confirmed to be heading to PS4 according to Frontier boss David Braben's tweet:

ThinkThink871d ago

Glad to hear that MS and PS owners will get to play both on their consoles. That's great!

Lore871d ago

"We" have elite dangerous

What does that even mean. People need to get a grip

Moldiver871d ago


I already knew about that. Ps4 owners will probably waiting about as long to play elite as X1 owners, no mans sky.

"ThinkThink + 1h ago
Glad to hear that MS and PS owners will get to play both on their consoles. That's great!"

Yeah..You're speaking my language bro! In the end we (xbox,PC or PS4) all get to enjoy these games at some point. The two titles are comparable in certain aspects. As for me. I just love my space games. Ill be playing elite AND no mans sky this year, which is cool.

"What does that even mean. People need to get a grip"

Talk about You misread my comment for your own reasons. Thats your business. Im said what I said and only think think, understood it clearly, because he doesnt have some weird defense mechanism going on. Because he is not a fanboy.

"It's already confirmed a console exclusive."

They said console DEBUT. That means timed exclusivity in laymen terms. There is a reason for that choice of words.

"Hello Games has greatly expressed their gratitude for Sony and how they are the reason they are where they're at today."

They got where they are because they have a promising game on their hands. That was the case the moment we all saw it. BEFORE they got into bed with sony. For a DEBUT. You are really having a hard time with this aint you? Sony get credit for beating MS to the deal. That is all. Those two guys put themselves on the map.

"There is nothing confirmed, except the fact it's almost 100% confirmed PlayStation and PC only"

Thats usually the way it works with this sort of deal. have you learned nothing from those timed X360 exclusives last gen?

The game IS coming to XB1 and it will happen within weeks if not months of a PC release. And it will be a port of the PC version. Remember I said this. Bookmark this comment if you like. But mark my word...its coming to X1.

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Khajiit86870d ago

Keep praying for those great PS4 games to come to X1. May your dreams come true, while I know I will get them.

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HaveAsandwich871d ago

it probably will, but xb1 owners are going to be waiting years.

ThinkThink871d ago

Probably closer to 6 months but yes, they will have to wait.

christocolus871d ago (Edited 871d ago )'s not going to be that long.if it is,it would be a waste of time and resources cos by then there will be far better games out and xbox one owners would have moved on.

Anyways im glad to hear we will be getting many more announcements at e3.they already announced so many indie games at gdc wasnt expecting any announcements at e3.

Dark_king871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

@ThinkThink I expect 6 month for the PC version about a year for a Xone version.That is if Sony don't try to buy the studio if the game is a real hit.Which I am sure they are already in talks about doing.I know I would if I ran Sony, the game might not impress some people but it has me.

guyman871d ago

@ Christocolus

"it's not going to be that long.if it is,it would be a waste of time and resources cos by then there will be far better games out and xbox one owners would have moved on"

Much like with Tomb Raider and Ps4 owners.

sinspirit871d ago

It's already confirmed a console exclusive. Hello Games has greatly expressed their gratitude for Sony and how they are the reason they are where they're at today. Hello Games has said they haven't touched the X1 dev kit. There was an article months ago of a Microsoft representative talking about No Man's Sky but he had not gotten into contact with Hello Games whatsoever and was talking about it to get their attention, and they are doing it again here. There is nothing confirmed, except the fact it's almost 100% confirmed PlayStation and PC only. Either way, everyone needs to stop speculating things without reading. Nintendo can talk about No Man's Sky as well. It doesn't make it any likelier. It's just talk. Last time Microsoft talked about this game it was purely for attention and HG said there were no plans and they haven't talked with them.

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Philaroni871d ago

I think it will as well. I have no problem with games being timed exclusive. There are quite a few pros for doing so. Indy games in general it tends to get them *ALOT* of media attention which is hard for them to do at times with out a publisher paying/backing them. As long as it comes out on other platforms later a lot of people win. Some will say the gamer's don't but why? Because you have to wait? In the end its the best hybrid way of doing things now days. As in the best balance between the business itself and what the consumers get.

AngelicIceDiamond871d ago

Any logical person can understand this.

Games like these or indie games in general usually end up on other platforms. They wanna get this game out to as many people as possible at the end of the day.

Elite Dangerous and Space engineers are guaranteed timed games.

So logically No Man's Sky will release on X1 in the future.

Lenrulesdaworld871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

I agree ice, i'll try to reach out to hello games and see if they would come on to talk about the game. Chris made it seem though as if, it will be coming to xbox at some point. I asked about axiom verge as well after the recording, think they are working out something to bring that and transistor to xbox one.

s45gr32870d ago

I am not sure if elite dangerous makes it to consoles. and. bloody space engineers still in early access. The damn developer is making another early access title called.medieval engineers. So the chances of these games on console are rather slim; however, killing floor 2 will make it to PS4 along with Among the sleep, and distance.

Spotie871d ago

What, exactly, convinces you strongly enough to guarantee that statement?

Lenrulesdaworld871d ago

well what I can say is that, usually if a game is truly exclusive, companies and execs know. They usually keep this to themselves and let the company announce when it will release. But what from what I understand, it's not an exclusive is truly up to hello games. If they want the game on xbox one, not sony. So unless they buy the ip or the company, xbox fans may see it hit the xbox one later. But in the meantime elite dangerous will be timed exclusive, which should hold it down for fans of the space shooter genre.

harrisk954871d ago

There is absolutely nothing to indicate that it is coming to XB1 ever. It may, but so far there has been not even a hint of it. So, good luck with waiting.

showtimefolks870d ago

look i am fine and hope in 3 months its on xbox one, so xbox gamers can enjoy it too. Just like i hope tomb raider is on ps4 soon after release

being exclusives doesn't provide us any incentive or extra pleasure out of the game

we are a gaming community so let's think and look out for each other instead of being spoiled little kids who says nananannanana

Muzikguy870d ago

Gamingbolt?! >_<

Yo no leo esa mierda

otherZinc870d ago

I don't give 1 s***! If No Man's Sky even released or not! I didn't buy into Next-gen for games like that. That's a $10 filler game when you're in between AAA Great 1080p 60fps games!

Inzo870d ago

Not if Sony signed a publishing deal.

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Dlacy13g871d ago

Yawn...been down this news road already. Gaming bolt pulling others interviews for their own news, now that's cutting edge!

GutZ31871d ago

Yeah man! they are so good at cutting stories up to make them in to multi click articles so we can all feel like we didn't already read the whole story 5 articles ago!