Mortal Kombat X gets a rubbish TV trailer, but here are the best prices

Dealspwn writes: Seen the new TV spot trailer above?. A bit rubbish wasn't it? Fear not, the game itself is looking hella strong. You can now reserve your PS4/XO copy (including Goro DLC) from £32.94. PC gamers can get a sweet deal too by ordering for just £15.95.

We've got high hopes for this one as the studios' last game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, was a great brawler. Expect loads of depth this time as each character has multiple variants that give them unique attacks, specials and even different weapons. We've just learned there will be optional easy Fatality moves so more casual fans can enjoy them too (about time!). The training challenge towers have been improved for each character and the online options now include factions to side with. Expect those brutal X-ray shots as you smash the bones of your opponents too.

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