Life is Strange Episode 2 - Out of Time Review [Deaslpwn]

Deaslpwn: Seven weeks is far too long to wait between episodes. Episode 1 was a fantastic opener, but the initial six-week wait between episodes became seven after a small delay. Considering Capcom recently released four episodes in four weeks for their episodic Resident Evil: Revelations 2, it would seem to make much more sense to follow their model by finishing development of a game and then releasing it, rather than frantically trying to meet deadlines every six weeks.

More to the point, with story-heavy content like this, it can be difficult to remember just what the hell is going on. The major events stuck in my head easily enough, but some of the interactions with smaller characters were much harder to recall. That said, checking Max's diary and her character bios was a big help, and for the most part, I felt like I was up to speed enough without needing to replay the first episode. Naturally, if you're holding off until every episode is out, you're not going to have a problem.

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Blues Cowboy1203d ago

Not sure about this series. Resi Revelations 2 wasn't amazing but at least it was consistent and weekly, don't love waiting months between episodes when quality isn't assured.

And yet I love the idea. Tough one, anyone own it?