Rainbow Six Siege 'Art of Siege' Collector's Edition revealed

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Collector's Edition on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Ubisoft has announced.

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-Foxtrot1084d ago

That's it a book and some gold weapon skins

A steelbook, an artbook, a season pass, a replica of something within the game etc

They need to do a better collectors edition and call it the "I am Siege Face" edition

Ozmoses1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

It's kinda different I guess. But I see what you're saying

MrSwankSinatra1084d ago

They need to stop making collector's edition is what they need to do.

Allsystemgamer1083d ago

I'm getting tired of seeing "gold weapons". This is a tactical game. Not freaking COD.

Fil1011084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

The book sounds interesting for a tactical perspective