Watch the First 30 Minutes of the Mortal Kombat X Story

Polygon has published a video of the first 30 minutes of the Mortal Kombat X story after NeatherRealm Studios had invited the team to their Chicago studio.

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KaoSouL1150d ago

I rather wait 2 weeks, and watch the first 30 minutes of Story Mode when I'm actually playing the game.

slate911150d ago

People over expose themselves with games, get overhyped, and come release time are left unimpressed cause they built up something in their heads that the game is not. Rinse and repeat

Kurylo3d1150d ago

Dude its mortal kombat. Chill out. Chances are people are getting EXACTLY what the expected.

thejigisup1150d ago

Thank god I'm using the mobile app, didn't want to give them a click. It's absolutely ridiculous for the first half hour to be available. I'd rather watch it in all its glossy right after i pick it up from the store.

N0TaB0T1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Not going to make my vicious geek side get the best of me. Temptation sucks.

N0TaB0T1150d ago


F'ck going to bed at 3:00...

WizzroSupreme1150d ago

Mortal Kombat X is looking insane. I'm shaking in my boots that'll soon be ripped off and thrown to high-heavens along with the rest of me.

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