Online with Hardline: post-launch play with Battlefield

GR-UK writes: "I've been playing Battlefield: Hardline for a week and a half post-launch to see how the servers take the strain, and exactly how the community's splitting up between the different game modes."

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TheNocturnus1204d ago

Lol, haven't touched Hardline since Bloodborne came out.

TheUberAsian1204d ago

Hardline's multiplayer is pretty addicting to be honest, the online experience overall is pretty smooth and you can get into games pretty quickly

JoeMcCallister1204d ago

I'll agree - still having quite a bit of unexpected fun with the game. Still uber frustrated with kill trades and getting killed after rounding a corner (at least on Xbox One) but the change of pace between Heist/Hotwire/Blood Money keep me going. If I do get bored there, the Hostage mode is pretty alright.

WizzroSupreme1204d ago

Finally, a Battlefield that works and it has to release against Bloodborne. That's justice for you.

Pandamobile1204d ago

Hardline is on 5 platforms, while Bloodborne only on one. I don't think there's going to be much competition for play time there.

Pandamobile1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I'll probably grab this when it goes on sale. Battlefield 4 still has me playing almost every day.