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DuoBrian1055d ago

That 60fps gameplay *drools*

pompombrum1055d ago

With those graphics, they should be pushing 120fps, not 60. Won't hinder my enjoyment what so ever but those graphics look more like a last gen game.

donthate1055d ago

I kind of agree on the graphics. It looks like a good last gen game. Not that it matters to me that much.

I was and is a huge fan of previous Rainbow Six games, but this one looks meh and cheesy. The game is buttery smooth it looks, but I didn't see much to get excited over.

More looking forward to The Division.

ContinuePlay1055d ago

Not particularly excited about this yet, but if they do a good job it could be a nice alternative to all the usual milirary shooters.

-Foxtrot1055d ago

Is there a single player for this one like the past games?

TheJacksonRGN1055d ago

I believe they said there will be. Could be wrong thoug.

jv19911055d ago

Yea there will be single player :)

Massacred1055d ago

There will be, but they have yet to talk about it. I'm really hoping for local co-op. Chilling out on a couch with friends and owning Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 were some of my best memories of the 7th gen.

LOL_WUT1055d ago

Its looking good Im curious if there will be more modes besides this one ;)

JoeMcCallister1055d ago

This trailer concerns me a little, I know they have to show some action but I liked the very deliberate pace of the last reveals and that leaked alpha footage. I don't like my R6 fast paced, I like it tactical like the first reveal and the alpha footage showed off. I'm hoping this is just marketing saying "make it go boom" but god help them if they market it as "the fastest Rainbow yet"

Agent_00_Revan1055d ago

considering the whole idea behind the game they're showing is to tactfully defend or attack positions, I'm sure there are Plenty of slow points.

But I'm sure once the firefighting starts, it'll be faster paced.

It looks like a mix of Rainbow 6 & Counter Strike.

JoeMcCallister1055d ago

good point - they're throwing an avalanche of footage/news out today and it's looking like the action will just get a bit crazy, which is fine - still siding with the folks a little apprehensive due to the fact that you really need a good team, and good opponents. I liked Evolve for the concept but it really died quickly unfortunately, and unless there's some big news in the way of modes/campaign it might be a flash in the pan if even that.

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