5 Ways AAA Games Are Falling into the Same Traps as Big Budget Movies

COG writes - AAA games and big budget Hollywood blockbusters have more in common than you might think. From recycled stories to rushed releases and overdone franchises we break down how AAA games are falling into these habits and why it should change.

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Godmars2901207d ago

Feels more like AAA gaming inspired the rut big budget movies have fallen into.

Genki1207d ago

We may as well start calling them big budget games as well. A killer app or AAA game to me is one that is exceptional. Needless to say, there haven't been many recently.

texore1207d ago

It sucks that the focus on big budget games has essentially cannibalized non-mainstream games such as platformers and JRPGs. At least in the movie industry films of all budgets and target audiences can coexist.

Tex1171207d ago

Publishers will eventually realize that not all games are Call of Duty and that a nice profit can be made when you hold down costs and sales expectations.