Is the delayed Bloodborne Collector's Edition Strategy Guide still worth purchasing?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not the delayed Bloodborne Collector's Edition Strategy Guide is still worth purchasing.

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DEEBO1030d ago

Yes because this game is deep with a ton of secrets.

cpayne931030d ago

I would only buy this after finishing the game at least once personally.

Slevon1030d ago

I may get alot of disagrees and dont get me wrong i love this game, it is not nearly as deep as dark souls. Not that they need to be compared but if you just look in every corner and check back on two lifts you can find it all. again great game but i would disagree that its deep enough to warrant a guide. Also these games are so much better without one

nX1030d ago

There's lots of art, info on development and interviews as well in there. And I'm almost sure people will find out new secrets once it has been released.
It's definitely worth a purchase for fans and it's not even that expensive.

TorpeAlex1030d ago

False. There are multiple quest lines for different NPCs with different endings, and the main story has multiple endings as well. Not to mention the optional bosses and NG+ enemy changes. This game has depth.

JJShredder1030d ago

I actually agree. I am missing heavy and medium armors, larger weapon selection, and the thought you need to put into your character.

With that said, I am still getting the guide so I don't miss anything after first play through. Also the extra lore, artwork and maps will be nice.

@TorpeAlex. I don't believe NG+ actually has much for extras. Please correct me if I am wrong but if I am right, it's another knock against it vs Dark Souls.

Slevon1029d ago

@TorpeAlex. The endings are merely one choice at the end of the game and added whether you collected specific items. and the NPC's to me were the most disappointing part of the game by comparison. the only ones that were interesting were alfred and the crow. there were only like 5 others. im not trying to hate on it but it feels like a shallower experience. If updates and dlc can help that i'm all for it, all i want is more of the game and i feel its not there

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n1kki61030d ago

No I have google. It's worth it as a collectors item or discussion piece, but for information it's worthless.

Seraphim1030d ago

For $24 and some change, what I paid, I figured why not. It would be nice to have a book right now but not imperative. Though I could pretty much say the same about pretty much any game so it's incredibly rare I bother with them. Personally a combination of the art, interview and especially the Dynamic Theme sold me on it with the added bonus of in depth look into everything in the game and now the covering of chalice dungeons which is why it was delayed I believe.

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hangdang1030d ago

I mairnly bought it as a coffee table book, but I was definitely disappointed when I had to resort to Google to look something up that I couldn't find for the life of me. Would have been nice to be able to reference that. I honestly can't even remember the last strategy guide I owned, but I was probably still a kid around twelve or something, but I'm hoping this guide has some cool monster art in it. That's mainly why I bought it.

ninsigma1030d ago

I hope so! I just pre-ordered it today!!

Perjoss1030d ago

I think for maximum immersion the first playthrough should really be blind, unless you get stuck to the point of frustration. 2nd playthrough sure, use a guide/internet and see all the stuff you might have missed.

cpayne931030d ago

Exactly, big part of the souls games is the satisfaction of figuring stuff out on your own.

Ozmoses1030d ago

I pre-ordered because it's not that expensive and I bought the collectors edition of the game..

I figured I might as well match the pair together!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.
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