Halo 5 Will Deliver Epic "Scope and Scale and Drama"

Following the release of two new Halo 5: Guardians trailers last night that offered cryptic story details and confirmed an October 27 release date for the Xbox One game, Microsoft has now offered even more information about the game by way of a new statement from 343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross.

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DarkOcelet1176d ago

“We want to amaze players with the sheer size of the worlds and battles they’ll experience, even as they question everything they thought they knew about its heroes, marvels, and mysteries."

That just makes me wonder on how Bungie ****ed up with Destiny and those guys here seems that they will deliver something really amazing which makes me so sad because Destiny was suppose to be really big and epic. All i can say is good luck 343i. Hopefully you deliver something superb and epic for every Halo fan and every Bungie fan that was disappointed out there by Destiny.

kstap331176d ago

Agreed. I was looking forward to Destiny for years... what a disappointment 😢

christocolus1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I can't wait to play this game.Halo5 might just have the best Halo campaign ever and an awesome mp too. Bonnie talking about the scale, scope and drama makes me even more excited. Halo5 is gonna rock. remember these halo5 rumors?

343i make us proud.

Septic1176d ago

Sounds very good. Got me hyped. Now they better live up to it or there will be hell to pay!

There are 2 strikes on 343. It's on one shot now. Let's hooehope it can get its shield back with H5!

ChrisChambers1176d ago

Yeah her wording made me think immediately of that leak. I know some people would be pissed if Halo went the open world like route, but man I'd love it

AngelicIceDiamond1176d ago


Dedicated Server.
First title to showcase true power of cloud processing. Massive battles with 100s of AI (calculated by the cloud); massive worlds with dynamic weather and global lighting (all done in cloud)."

Here's hoping because That would be crazy.

Ristul1176d ago

Yeah, talk about a lost opportunity. Destiny had everything going for it in terms of game mechanics and atmosphere, it just needed a story of epic proportions to build the world and lore. Halo 5 could be awesome!

darkangel3601176d ago

Destiny doesnt even has a good story.. So dont compare halo to destiny..

rainslacker1176d ago

Not saying this is the case, but consider that Bungie said similar things about Destiny...hence why we know what they wanted to do with it.

Wanting to do something, and achieving it are two very different things.

It's cool to be hyped, but consider that 343 has yet to deliver on what they want yet. I hope they do, as I think Halo fans are quite fervent and wouldn't want to see the hate should 343 screw up. It's easy to make a trailer that makes something look more awesome than it is, so keep expectations in check, because expectations often make good games into crap games.

otherZinc1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Can't wait to play Halo 5.
1080p 60fps Locked AAA Exclusive.
Windows 10 & DirectX 12 will prove itself in this game by 343 Industries Halo Team.

This is what I bought into next-gen for.

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rawrock1176d ago

Cant wait for October!

Sitdown1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

So is October 27th the real release date?

Nevermind... Slipping on my gamer knowledge.

NajeeStowers1176d ago

Halo will be epic but sometimes milk gets boring and I want to just drink juice

OpieWinston1176d ago

One thing no one can deny is that 343i does an a lot better job using the Halo lore.

It took Bungie 5 games to use one of their best characters, Halsey.
Halo 4 was the darkest of the Halos and 5 looks like it's getting even darker, if 343i uses Blue team than 5 may be my favorite.

Going based off how awesome the Beta was and the Audio logs/trailers.

supraking9511176d ago

Zzzzz 343 already ruined the Halo revival on Xbox with Halo MCC. People moved on quick to other games when MCC released and they will do the same with Halo 5 sadly. Yes it will sell copies in the beginning but I see it having the Titanfall effect. Good 2 weeks them drops off map

Allsystemgamer1176d ago

That was because MCC didn't work right at launch.
The halo 5 beta did. In fact it was more stable than most games in beta form. M
Quit your trolling.

Elit3Nick1176d ago

It was more stable than most games at launch, the matchmaking was the only hiccup, but it improved towards the end

Septic1176d ago

So you're saying Halo 5 will be broken at launch? How do you know this?

Moldiver1176d ago

MCC works fine now. If I go to my X1 and load up halo, right now I will be in a match within minutes. That includes the time it takes for me to go into my living room and turn on my box.

Nolando1176d ago

this game is going to rock so much!

cant wait to find out all the story details when its released. I loved halo 4's story and I cant wait to see how they continue it!

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