The EU wants to standardise digital games prices in a single digital market

Dealspwn reports: "Despite the abundance of deals and sales, us Brits are used to paying more for digital games due to the fact that digital distributors set region-specific prices. Sometimes this is done for rights and copyright reasons, usually it's just to chisel the maximum amount of profit out of each market. Which, in turn, encourages many gamers to seek out serial key resellers or buy games through a VPN.

However, the European Union is considering passing a major piece of legislation that will force the likes of Steam to offer a single price point across all European territories."

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bggriffiths1177d ago

Fingers crossed they don't just put the prices up for everyone. Steam will probably find a way to screw us out of it anyway, like they did by making us waive our 14-day returns rights.

Blues Cowboy1177d ago

Agreed, that's one of the possibilities mentioned in the article. Steam will find some way to weasel out of it.