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Get bored of the 9 maps? Make your own!. Cities: Skyline comes complete with a map editor that is ridiculously easy to use - Writes Gary Cook.

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UglyGeezer1203d ago

It is nothing short of brilliant.

GameSpawn1203d ago

I added it to my Steam wishlist. I'm holding out for a Steam sale, but Cities is what SimCity should have been. EA has this anti-Midas like touch to take wonderful developers and games and turn them to crap.

Pre-EA - Wonderful dev; RollerCoaster Tycoon and the original SimCity were actually fun
Post-EA - Crappola, DRM-ridden, DLC-grubby trash

Westwood Studios
Pre-EA - One of the best RTS games in story and gameplay to date
Post-EA - Not a scrap of the original soul of C&C left in the series

3-4-51203d ago

Spent 2 hours just downloading buildings to use for my new city.

Can't wait to start it.

lento1203d ago

It's an amazing game. What sim city 5 should of been, and to think they accomplished this game with a team of only 13 people.