The Order 1886, Destiny, Mortal Kombat X & More Discounted

The end of the month is near, meaning only one thing…PAYDAY!

These are some of the best deals going around, at the moment anyway, to help you get the most game, for the least money.

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gangsta_red904d ago

MK X already at a bad this isn't for the states.

Tankbusta40904d ago

I know I was already set to PRE order... Then I saw the pound sign and sighed

subtenko904d ago

Cant you still buy it with USD? Wont it just translate it over?

Khajiit86903d ago

Look at the price of Mortal Kombat X.... Yeah, thats why I love PC gaming.

Mwally29904d ago

It does not actually say where to buy from at this price. What a rubbish article.

sourav93904d ago

You have to click on the game name and price and it takes to you the store page. FYI; it's Rakuten.

PixelGateUk904d ago

errr...there's like hyper links on every game, we even made the text stand out so people could see it?

Mwally29903d ago

My bad. Would be easier if you write also to stop idiots like me.

WizzroSupreme904d ago

Not surprised given the reception that The Order's endured. More like a $40 to me, if not $30.

Khajiit86903d ago

I cant wait to play it, but not buying until its $30 or under

Sgt_Slaughter903d ago

If an article is about discounts, the N4G title should at least put the country it's for. So many sites list discounts, don't have .uk in the url, and then I find out a minute later it's not for the states.