Ignore the haters and get DriveClub for £11.99

Dealspwn writes: A rough start isn't always a bad thing, sometimes it leads to some sweet discounting and DriveClub is now available for just £11.99. This is for a preowned copy, saving you nearly £10 over a new copy.

Sony and Evolution Studios have been hard at work since launch and the game's online issues (it was practically impossible to get online for the first two weeks) have been patched, meaning this is much closer to the driving game that was originally promised. The track design is exceptional both in terms of layout and visual class. Loading times for the single-player races are super fast too. The handling can be a mixed bag and the penalty system takes a while to adjust to, but this is well worth a look and setting online challenges for other users is competitive bliss. Recent patches have also included rainy weather effects (I've never seen better) and there are a few extra events and vehicles available for free in the store too. Sony recently reaffirmed that the PlayStation + version was still on the way, but seeing as it will only give you the India tracks and a few cars, we'd rather stick £11.99 down for the full thing.

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Blues Cowboy1209d ago

I've only been hearing good things about DriveClub this year. Seemed like it got burned for not being ready at launch -- deservedly -- but by the sounds of it Evolution have really got their act together. Okay, I'll bite, just got a PS4 for Bloodborne and could do with some more games.

Crimzon1209d ago

All they've really done is add DLC to be honest. The game is still too broken to be released on PS+ for example, according to the developers and Sony themselves.

Baka-akaB1209d ago

Come on ... they added tons of features , content and fixes beyond the dlc . Even if some like replays should have always been there

The game isnt broken now . They however messed up with the + version (and the launch obviously)

Crimzon1209d ago

Sony and Evolution Studios have been lying then? How weird, I wonder why they'd do that?

JoGam1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

LOL....So incorrect. Dude grab a PS4 and Drive Club and see for yourself. Please don't speak until you have the facts. Respectfully!

harrisk9541209d ago

My understanding of the delay is not due to the game itself being broken, but that they want to make sure that the servers can handle the PS+ load so that it doesn't crash everything again.

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Ravenheartzero1209d ago


I thought it was just ps plus version Sony and evolution talked about.

MysticStrummer1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

"The game is still too broken…"

The game was worth full price to me even without online racing. I enjoy having those random challenges pop up in a race more than I enjoy racing against other people. Yeah it sucks there's no PS+version yet, but it's a very fun racing game with outstanding visuals and sound. Far from broken.

wotta1209d ago

What a load of nonsense, the game has improved beyond measure.

DrBumble1209d ago

Be fair man Evolution have done a lot more than just add some DLC

I found this to be nearly unplayable on release, it was basically just graphics, little by little they solved the niggles I had with it.

I do agree with the PS+ point though, definitely some lies going on somewhere. Having said that, at £12 for the full game, the PS+ version is redundant

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Brugal1209d ago

It's a great game. Fun, challenging, addicting.

Khajiit861209d ago

Traded in Driveclub for Dying Light... Dying Light is A LOT of fun, but I liked Driveclub better. Miss it and am planning on getting it again and keeping it this time. Its an amazing racing game. Speed never felt so scary in a racing game before.

medman1209d ago

I enjoy DriveClub so much it was less than a week into playing it I stepped up and bought the season pass. It is a highly addictive arcade racer that looks gorgeous, and the sense of speed is phenomenal.

Spotie1209d ago

But the haters are right. Even though they've never played it, it's not worth it. Just ignore this game and how good it is and all the support it's been given. Ignore everything and listen to the haters!

Seriously, though, it's a good game. Had some online issues at launch, but it's always been solid everywhere else. At such a price, it should be impossible to pass up.

Unless you have it already, or don't have a PS4.

WESKER20151209d ago

or just get forza 5 and save a lot of heartache and tears

Allsystemgamer1209d ago

I'd rather save my money. Forza 5 is ugly and boring.

Horizon 2 is awesome.

MegaRay1209d ago

Most of the hate this game get is because Sony couldn't keep their promise. I mean they said it would be "free" at launch, but they didnt bother keeping that promise since they're ahead.

I mean the free version is somewhat a demo, how hard is it to make one?

I like Sony but they screwed up Drive Club, thus the backlash Iis somewhat legit.

Dlacy13g1209d ago

It is pretty comical that they keep saying how they can't release a PS+ version out of fear (if I recall their wording right) it will make things unstable yet they have no issue with adding more players via a paid version.

Knushwood Butt1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

The influx of new users would almost certainly bring down their servers.

I'd be interested to see some of the stats they have from their server requests; there must be millions of transactions going on every hour.

- There's an online leaderboard for EVERY event, every track/layout, and every car used on every track (for drift events at least). That's a huge number of leaderboards that all need to update on the fly.

- The number of messages generated by this game must be insane. Every time you beat someone else's top time/score, it messages them.

- Tracking all the challenges must also be a huge task. There must be thousands of user generated challenges ongoing at any one time, many of which are open and can be forwarded on to other players.

- Same goes for the faceoffs, of which there are typically several per track, all of which are linked to your friends/club members.

- On top of that there are the typical multiplayer online races and so on.

Anyway, just get the full game; it's great.

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Dudebro901209d ago

So we should ignore the fact they released a broken game, and give them money anyway.

You don't go to a movie, pay for your ticket, watch the opening scene, then are told to come back in 4 months when it's done

Silly gameAr1209d ago

Looks like there's a couple of haters in here that don't even own the console to play Driveclub. So what makes them think that people will take their comments seriously is what I'm wondering.

MysticStrummer1209d ago

"So we should ignore the fact they released a broken game, and give them money anyway."

I hope you were saying the same about another game with online problems, but your comment history leads me to believe you weren't.

iceman061209d ago

Their money was made once the retailer purchased the game to sell anyway. At this point, the only people that you would be "supporting" (and not even...because the offer is on a used copy) would be the retailer with this deal. Plus, they have done a LOT to alleviate the issues with the game. Sure, it was a bit broken (at least online at the beginning). But, they have been continually working on improving the game. Not just one patch for stability either. (like most games have done) Several patches that include new features that were either planned for release (as with the weather) or suggested by the community (as with replays and custom pics).

LoveSpuds1209d ago

I watched people on PS live playing it after launch and in every instance the players indicated that they loved the game and were excited for when the online became stable.

A few weeks later I took the plunge having watched many streams and have never regretted it, it honestly is a blinding arcade racer. Blisteringly fast, eye wateringly beautiful and brilliantly playable.

As others have said, ignore any negativity being perpetuated by the haters, if you like arcade racers play this game!

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