New Halo 5: Guardians Stills released

"All Hail" stills have been released for Halo 5: Guardians

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N0TaB0T931d ago

Seeing Infinity abused like that got me hyped.

NatureOfLogic_930d ago

This trailer looks good. I do hope they improve the mediocre graphics that was in the beta though.

kraenk12931d ago

Screens from a CGI trailer?! Who cares? I want to see gameplay

Nolando931d ago

although this wont change your attitude, its not cgi its a live action trailer...

Insomnia_84931d ago

Even worse! Why would they release "stills" or screenshots of a live action trailer? That makes no sense.

kraenk12930d ago

It is live action with CGI wtf are you on about?!

Nolando927d ago

whether it has cgi in it doesn't matter, its a live action trailer with real actors on real sets in real armor.

CGI trailer means like... all cgi...

plus the reason they release stills is because its cool to look at all the details and effort put into the live action trailer...

not a lot of companies would go through so much efforts.

and fyi its just a hype teaser, its obvious we wont see any gameplay until E3, so I would just take what you can get at this point.

I understand your feelings though.

Farmassy931d ago

Pretty sure they are saving the gameplay for E3

700p931d ago

nobody cares. These trailers were insane!

MLGswag931d ago

Awesome trailers .. Now where's the gameplay?