Why I Chose Bloodborne First Over Battlefield Hardline This Payday

"It's the end of the month and you know what that means . . . PAY DAY! Now you've paid your college loans, gas, utility and rent for the month before allocating what's left to the few simple pleasures life has to offer from going to your local pubs, clubs, bars, strip joints, shooting range and whatever else takes your fancy.

If you are a gamer like myself then part of that allocation will no doubt go towards one or even both of the two biggest games to launch this month, but if you are cash strapped here's why I think Bloodborne should be your first payday purchase." -

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Frankskint1205d ago

I wouldn't even put Battlefield Hardline in the same sentence as Bloodborne.
It's like comparing a Rolce Royce to a Skoda. LOL.

GarrusVakarian1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

"I wouldn't even put Battlefield Hardline in the same sentence as Bloodborne. "

You just did.

SpinalRemains1381205d ago

He didn't write the article.

GarrusVakarian1205d ago


Are you slow? He said he would put them in the same sentence in that very sentence.

DarkOcelet1205d ago

You would be the winner.

Septic1205d ago

I've tried convincing many of mates who normally wouldn't buy a game like BLoodborne to get it. A lot of them are confused by the premise and are getting used to it but most are liking what they are playing. One of them in particular actually was wondering about which to pick; Hardline or BB. I made him get BB. I'll wait for my commission in the post Sony.

thomasford941205d ago

Trust me I did the same with a couple of friends of mine but most went with Battlefield Hardline first. I bought both games, it was a bit pricey shelling out for 2 but I hardly touch Hardline since I am hooked on Bloodborne. Wish I had been a little more patient, too many games not enough time in the day to play it all. By next month Hardline would've probably gone down in price and i could have just picked it up then. SMH

Septic1205d ago

Yeah with BB, I find that you can't just dip into it. For me, either I play BB and nothing else or no BB at all. It's that kind of game where I just want to go back and play it and do a long gaming session.

I had hardline courtesy of EA access for 10 hours. Playing a tiny bit, was alright, nothing amazing and not something I'd play over BF4.

DEEBO1205d ago

Lol this is a easy choice hell i don't even want hardline.

crazyclown1205d ago

Both games are great but battlefield should of been #1 priority due to the fact that there was 2x XP and I pretty much maxed all classes and unlocked everything etc. Got both games, didnt play blooborne this weekend

BC_Master_Haze1201d ago

Yeah I'm liking hardline more personally. Rescue is a blast with friends, other than the strategic modes it's pretty frantic and fun.

Each to his own of course, that's what the agree and disagree buttons are for :) bloodborne just didn't really stick, but it's fine, sold it to a friend.

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The story is too old to be commented.