Xbox One's Upcoming Integration With Windows 10 Could Provide the Definitive Experience

Xbox One's integration with Windows 10 brings a lot of features to the table, some of which could prove to be the game changer in the current console wars.

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Septic1062d ago

It would really make a big difference to the way I game.

I have a Windows 8 tablet that I can stream my gameplay on to. Many a time my TV is being used or I just want to chill and play in my room (my PS4 is there) and this would help.

The recording to PC will also come in VERY handy for me.

How it all works remains to be seen though but I'm

Also, the new Windows 10 UI should be cool. The current one seems really cluttered for no reason.

TheRedButterfly1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

What would REALLY be the game changer (for me at least) would be the ability to stream from PC to Xbox -- especially if they integrated achievements into full PC exclusives.

As terrible as it was, this was one feature that made me like (or at least want to like) Games for Windows Live. The ability for me to get the full 1000G on Halo 2 PC? Hell yeah I'll buy it for the 3rd time!

Now imagine if they could do this with future titles. I mean, it shouldn't be too difficult. Using Steam as an example, there are already Achievement systems built into most titles, and streaming /from/ PC to another device (my roomie was playing BioShock on his Android with an XO controller a few days ago) is already a thing, so it should be a no-brainer for Microsoft to offer a PC -> XO streaming feature.

Hopefully this becomes a thing. I'd be so excite. It's great as it is, but as someone who prefers a console environment, playing XO titles on my PC isn't really for me. Great for those who prefer Mouse & Keyboard though.

angelusbrz1062d ago

You can already do that, it's call a HDMI cable.

Cherchez La Ghost1062d ago

I love the fact that MS is making Windows 10 one ecosystem for all services. And from what I'm seeing the gains DX12 is having for the PC gaming community is a good thing. I have to credit MS for being "tight lipped" on their projects.

DEEBO1062d ago

This cool i guess but i got two x1's but i also got a kickass 2&1 lanovo laptop too.

Letthewookiewin1062d ago

The majority of the console population won't care about this feature. But it's nice that it's there.

SteamPowered1062d ago

Very true. If you have a decent gaming rig, buy a Steamlink for $50. 1080p gaming in any room in the house.

JeffGUNZ1061d ago

You don't think cross-platform gaming is something many gamers would care about? I agree the streaming from xbox to PC isn't something everyone will go nuts over, especially the average gamer. Yet, cross-platform is huge.

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The story is too old to be commented.