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Ana Febo of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Axiom Verge is a little indie game that is packed full of action and story. Never has a game fully embraced glitches like Axiom Verge does. ‘Embracing the glitch’ is just one part of what makes Axiom Verge a must own games for the 16-bit lovers out there. The game also packs in an intricate sci-fi driven plot that makes Axiom Verge better than any AAA game."

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S2Killinit1178d ago

Its getting perfect scores. Very tempting. Its a throw back to the original Contra games(the game that made me a gamer for life). Used to play it until my eyes got red.

febzilla1178d ago

It's the best $20 you will spend on a game this year.

xX-oldboy-Xx1178d ago

Literally got Bloodborne 1 day before my holidays started, but this looks awesome. Gonna work through Bloodborne first, then onto this little gem.

slappy5081178d ago

A throw back of contra? Well if you put it like that then I gotta check this out!!

yuukiliu1178d ago

Hmm,and here I thought Titan Souls and Shovel Knight will be the only spring fever games I buy. Very tempted to get this now...