Boid - SteamFirst Early Release Impressions

SteamFirst: With two newly acquired spawn points and a crab base at my disposal, the building of my red army can commence. My superior tactical brilliance should be sufficient enough to eradicate the map of the pesky, computer-controlled green bots. As my forces gather near the map’s chokepoint, the surprisingly relentless onslaught of the enemy forces rush forward toward my now defenseless spawn points. Man, why didn’t I invest into some faster units? Due to my crab’s sluggish nature, my two main spawn points were captured, securing my fate, and I could only spectate as my forces were overran. Either these easy-level bots are insanely difficult, or my tactical skills are lacking. Regardless, I was intrigued by the unique gameplay style presented in the early release title Boid, by Mokus.

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