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FilmGamesEtc - "Axiom Verge, a solo Indie project headed by Tom Happ, is essentially this generation’s Metroid. Metroidvania has become a game genre of its own and gaining popularity in the last couple of years. Tom Happ hopes that Axiom Verge will stand out from the crowd. Everything you see, hear, and do in this game is done by Happ. What was once a weekend project five years ago now becomes one of the most amazing Indie games to date. Sony funded the game via their Sony Pub Fund, which allows independent developers to get the funds they need in advance in exchange for a timed exclusivity for their platforms. The game will also be coming to PC as well. While the PS Vita version’s release is a few months away, but cross play will be possible between the PS4 and Vita versions."

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Paul851181d ago

I can't wait to play this!

blakstarz1181d ago

I didn't know this game came out already, in GameInformer mag it just showed as TBA I think, but that's good that it receive a good rating so far.

And to think this game was developed by just one guy! One studio...just one dude on his own! Much respect!

uth111181d ago

comes out tomorrow in NA I think.

Filmgamesetc1181d ago

Its scheduled release date is March 31, 2015 (tomorrow). Our review is based on an early press copy of the game that was available to us.