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Justin Scerbo of The Zero Review takes a look at Axiom Verge, the new Spring Fest Indie title for Sony that mirrors Metroid in a very flattering light.

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ZeroSkerbo1147d ago

This game looks so cool. All the spring sale games this year have been great

MPScrimshaw1147d ago

So I totally want this game now, and I can say I've never even heard of it until reading this. Sounds great to me. We need more games built in the style of the old days, when mechanisms and game design were more important than the count of how many individually-modeled hairs you could identify on your in-game attack dog. DOG HAIR PHYSICS SON, WHO NEEDS GOOD GAMEPLAY WHEN WE HAVE DOG HAIR PHYSICS!?

shocked6861147d ago

Looks like this one is living up to the hype. So many good games are out.

callumjack1147d ago

I dunno man...needs dynamic beard growth mechanic

G3n3raL861147d ago

I'll keep in on my radar:)

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