Face-Off: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Digital Foundry:
The Handsome Collection combines Borderlands 2, the Pre-Sequel and all of the DLC in one complete package for PS4 and Xbox One, targeting the sweet-spot 60fps experience frequently enjoyed by PC gamers. With Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of each title often delivering sub-optimal frame-rates during packed firefights, there's real potential here for a truly worthwhile upgrade, heightening the intensity of the brutal and intense action that makes the series so entertaining to play.

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1147d ago
Genuine-User1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

"Impressive PC quality visuals"

"the Handsome Collection hands in native 1080p visuals across PS4 and Xbox One on both titles, featuring image quality in line with the PC version operating with post-process anti-aliasing."

"the Handsome Collection are a match for the PC game running on the highest setting."

"texture filtering is also impressive, with both PS4 and Xbox using 16x AF"

"shadows and lighting load faster on PS4"

"a heavy depth of field on both current gen consoles"

"both consoles are affected by frame drops and tearing, thought the Xbox One is far more heavily affected, with near constant tearing occurring during both large and smaller scale skirmishes"

MasterCornholio1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

They should have reduced AF in the XB1 version in order to put its performance on par with the PS4 version. Screentearing is extremely annoying and they should have done a better job with it on the XB1. But overall its a pretty messy port and I'm not impressed with either version.

Genuine-User1147d ago

Gearbox said they will improve both versions in the upcoming update. Let's see.

Corpser1147d ago

"the experience comes across as quite uneven across both consoles: impressive PC quality visuals are joined by highly variable performance that fails to deliver locked 60fps gameplay when and where it matters the most."

"PC version remains the best way to play the game at 60fps, scaling well to run on mid-range hardware while offering up an excellent boost in effects work via PhysX for those with higher-end Nvidia systems."

Dudebro901147d ago

Pretty terrible port. If they were going to do such a rushed job they should of capped it at 30 fps.

dumahim1147d ago

I get the impression Gearbox didn't handle the port since both games have a different developer logo during start-up that I don't recall on the 360. Then again, maybe it was a Playstation thing.

Looking up Armature Games, it looks like they only did PS4/XBO version, and I think they're the ones on BLPS. Maybe they botched the port.

With that said, of the hour or two I played of BL2, performance seemed fine. BLPS though, the framerate just doesn't seem stable. Even turning in an area with nothing going on seems like it messes with the framerate. I haven't seen any screen tearing though.

Yodagamer1147d ago

Yep there were two different developers ported it The pre sequel was ported by amature and Iron galaxy ported Borderlands 2.

Moldiver1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Damn... I set this to download on X1, 30-ish mins before reading this. I might have gone with the PC version for the physx stuff and the better framerate, but I can only think of three people who I want to play this game with..And they all own X1s. I have never played borderlands by myself and dont intend to. Its even better with good friends and once you have played one whole borderlands game with them, The idea of playing without them, sucks. But i am a little puzzled as to how these consoles have trouble running two year old borderlands 2 at anything less than a stable 60FPS and 1080P. That is kind of ridiculous. I said the other day, that I cringed when I heard that X1 and PS4 were going to use Jaguar APUs....And now Im cringing again. Please let this console cycle be a 5-6 year gen. I fully expect devs to have done all they possibly can with these two jaguars by then. Anything after that is going to strain these consoles like BF4 running on PS3 and X360.

But it would appear that this round of DF was a clean kill for the PC.

MasterCornholio1147d ago

PC is always better.


But out of the two console versions the PS4 is the best one.

Moldiver1147d ago


After reading DFs tech analysis, That does not really mean much. The PS4 version has screen tearing AND framerate drops just like X1, just less...but HARDLY to the point where its notably any better, as alluded to by DF.

The PC version is clearly the only version worth talking about in terms of performance. But as I said, I can live with that as long as I am playing it with my closest gamers friends who will see to it that I unlock every single achievement while talking about random life shit, with them! lol. Boy....This gen...what a mess.

aquamala1147d ago

and they're comparing it to the same PC version from 2 years ago (BL2), PC players don't need to spend money again on the "remaster" and yet still look better

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