Why is Link Left-Handed?

A quick analysis of Link as a left-handed hero, and reasons as to why he is.

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LegendZelda935d ago

I always see Link as being both right and left handed. Multiple Links means multiple genetics

AndrewStrider935d ago

This is true that some can be right-handed. However, for Skyward Sword, that was pure mechanics, and for Wii U, that might be the same. Before that, he's always left-handed, or is ambi but prefers use of his left hand.

christian hour934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Link was only right handed on wii because originally the gamecube port of Twilight Princess was mirrored to match up what they figured the majority of wii users would be using, their right hand. And they just did the same with Skyward Sword.

Link has always been left handed because Shigeru Miyamoto is left handed. That is why :)

Oddly enough, when I use a bow (I'm right handed) I hold the bow with my left hand (arrow with right) but in the new trailer does anyone remember which hand the bow was held in? Has the wii/wii-u made link forever right handed now?

morganfell934d ago (Edited 934d ago )


Link shoots the bow right handed in the trailer (holds left, draws right). Like Link, the manner in which you shoot the bow yourself is actually the norm for right handed people. I have been practicing the yumi forever as well as shooting my Mongolion Bow (with and without a thumbring) for years. If you are trained young enough then you can choose your bow hand based on eye dominance. I am right handed, chose to shoot right handed, and am right eye dominant so luck was on my side and all worked out. Too late to change now anyway. Most people will have similar luck though there are some that do not fit the pattern. Particularly lefties that are right eye dominant.

kraenk12934d ago

I really wondered that as well...putting a clearly right handed bow picture on top doesn't really help the argument.

christian hour933d ago

I've never actually used a bow :( I was just recalling memories from childhood toys/games or when I'm making bow hand gestures for conversation (suprisingly this is a common occurence, like talkign abotu a film where a guy gets an arrow to the jugular)

Morganfell, you're already pretty damn awesome for your comments alone but now to find out you use a bow? Aint nobody gonna fuck with that. Bad ass.

drdjmd935d ago

Never heard the "one’s shield must always be facing ... Death Mountain" thing, pretty cool explanation.

AndrewStrider935d ago

Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool myself. Wish they'd do more stuff like this to be honest!

donwel935d ago

Link is supposed to be a reflection of the player, there are more right handed than left handed people, if you raise your right hand, your reflection (in a mirror) will raise its left hand.
That is why Link is left handed.

AndrewStrider935d ago

Hmmm, I never quite heard this explanation before, but it's a pretty interesting one nonetheless.

zalanis934d ago

Seriously?? A real zelda fan would know that he left handed cause shigeru miyamoto is left handed.

Cat934d ago

And here I thought it was bc *I'm* left-handed. ;)

(but yes, he is, and likes to make lefty characters!)

Crazay934d ago

cause he's not right handed? Scientists think this is due to genetics

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The story is too old to be commented.