Halo 5 & The Death of Master Chief

Is Halo 5: Guardians the end of the line for Master Chief?

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BinaryMind1060d ago

LOL Why are the comments in the article 9 months old. The author must be rehashing something he wrote a long time ago.

TheRedButterfly1060d ago

lol Exactly this. The article must have been re-published this morning with hopes of cashing in on last night's trailer(s).

Is it relevant? Sure, but editing/re-posting articles is pretty lame.

OT: O'Connor has said a couple times now, via NeoGAF, that this game will not feature Chief's death. I wonder when people will start believing what the Franchise Director says. -_-

Naga1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

That's exactly what happened. They simply updated a pre-existing article from roughly 9 months ago with the two trailers released last night and a brief comment or two about them.

Otherwise, it's the same old one previously written. Note the final line:
"Here's to hoping 343 can show us what's behind the helmet NEXT fall." (emphasis added)

But more on topic, they are not going to kill Master Chief. This is just the second installment of the "Reclaimer Saga". Maybe when we reach the end of this line, we can revisit the topic... but for now, the notion that they might kill him off already is just nonsense.

4Sh0w1060d ago

Is Halo 5: Guardians the end of the line for Master Chief?


Revvin1060d ago

They would never kill off Master Chief, it would be the end of Halo in my opinion, there is no strong character to take over the lead role if they wanted the series to continue.

wakeNbake1060d ago

Yeah lets kill off Nathan Drake or Mario while were at it too.

pivotplease1060d ago

That would be hardcore, but I'm not holding my breath. U4 is the last game, but the series is too lighthearted to pull a stunt like.

And MC can't die without making a sixth game. Would kind of screw with the concept of having a new trilogy that started with 4.

Jdoki1060d ago

If they did, it'd be a very bold move!

Can't see it happening, but imagine the internet losing their shit if it was true!!

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The story is too old to be commented.