Axiom Verge Review - Wait, This Isn't Super Metroid | Gamer Headlines

Gamer Headlines writes: "Super Metroid is undeniably one of the best games/most prominent Action-Platformers to have ever come out of the 16-Bit era of gaming. Praised for its groundbreaking level design, immersive isolating atmosphere, and cryptic yet fascinating plot, Samus’ SNES adventure was definitely (and still is to a certain degree) an experience ahead of its time. Which brings us to Axiom Verge; Tom Happ’s, the sole developer behind this 2D retro-inspired title, take on the whole Metroidvania genre. Except Metroidvania shouldn’t be how Axiom Verge should to be described as, since it is quite literally a re-imagination of the 1994 classic. From its gameplay all the way to its interconnected world that is joy to get lost into, Axiom Verge feels like a lost Super Nintendo cartridge that managed to find its way onto the PlayStation 4, and is a beautiful love letter to fans of the retro genre."

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