The Division Cover Artwork Creation Discussed

Brian Tippie, the Art Director at Massive Entertainment has talked about the creation of the cover artwork for The Division, which was unveiled at E3 2013.

As we know, the cover artwork shows three SHD agents standing against the backdrop of New York City after it's been hit by the deadly pandemic, and now he's given us all some unseen insight into its creation. The new pieces of artwork released alongside the explanation gives us a good impression of the very complex designs that went into the creation of the cover; from the design of the 3D models, to the formulation of various details thst went into the final design.

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jv19911063d ago

I really hope its coming out this year. I want this game

Maxor1063d ago

Please don't be like Destiny :(

objdadon1062d ago

I hope like hell it can keep me playing for over 1000 hours like destiny has!

Randostar1062d ago

I hope like Hell its not one big continuous grind like destiny.

objdadon1062d ago

Oh it's a mmo or shared world shooter so you better believe you gonna have to grind for sure. But the grind is the fun part for me as I'm use to these types of games and enjoy them.