If Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls is poetry, Bloodborne is opera.

Tathagata Ray talks of his experience with Bloodborne. A game he has been looking forward to ever since he first heard about it. A huge fan of the Souls series, he delivers commentary of how the new entries compares while drawing parallel to the metaphor in the title.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1204d ago

Wouldn't go that far. Overall Bloodborne is a masterpiece by itself, but when compared to its predecessors it comes up short. Less weapons and armor, less lore, shorter campaign. I'd even argue it's easier once you've beaten the Cleric Beast. No shields would've made it more difficult if it weren't so easy to stagger enemies with the gun.

DanteVFenris6661204d ago

Too me bloodborne is the best. And fewer weapons have you played the game? That is a bonus because each weapon in bloodborne is better than all weapons in the other games combine. I much appreciate the quality over quantity root. The transformation weapons are sick and I don't want to go back to having 20 different swords with just different appearances. Less armour I could argue you though but it has enough to for it not to be a negative. I never played dark souls and Id have to say it's definatley so far easier. But it is still a blast too play and still feels rewarding.

SpinalRemains1381204d ago

Yeah it can go either way.

Lets be honest though, of the hundred or sp weapons in previous titles, how many did we use? 10-15?

We took the weapon with great base value and leveled it up with titanite or what have you.

Bloodborne's weapons are pretty much all badass. There are no mere throwaways. Add the gem stones for leveling and its great.

The parity in armors I admit is weak, but there are enough to add variety and special defense.

medman1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I agree with you completely....Bloodborne just "feels" better. Maybe it's the fluid character movement and the weapon flexibility, maybe it's the monster design that has grabbed me so completely...but Yharham is a place I love dying in...the only drawback is the load times, everything else is pretty much spot on. And I don't even really mind the load times because it actually gives me a chance to breathe and decompress, allowing me to think about what just happened and formulate a strategy to do it better this time. The game is brilliant.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1204d ago

Right so I wasn't arguing bloodborne is a bad game. It is better gameplay wise than the souls games. I was saying it has less content Both in its lore and items. Saying that bloodborne is an opera while the souls games are poems just isn't accurate.

MasterCornholio1204d ago

I really love the weapons in Bloodborne and they seem like they are better designed than the weapons in Darksouls. Bloodborne focuses on your skills more than what items you have and how you upgraded them. In my opinion that's why the gameplay is better then Darksouls. I will get Darksouls 2 though since I never played it.

Bimkoblerutso1204d ago

I think the only problem with Bloodborne having less items overall is that the exploration tends to not be as rewarding. You go out of your way to get places only to pick up some coldblood or a crappy blood gem or some Hunter's Marks.

And coincidentally, since the Souls games have always told the vast majority of their story through the item descriptions, the story didn't really grab me like it did for Demon's and the first Dark.

Still, it easily has the best atmosphere, challenge and mechanics of any of them, so I like it just as well as any of the previous games for different reasons.

hangdang1204d ago

You never played Dark Souls but feel you can have a legitimate opinion as to which game is better? Give me a break.

DanteVFenris6661204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

@hangdang sorry i forgot to mention i beat demon souls and i meant it was far easier than that. Though still hard enough to keep me on toes. And i was mostly assuming from reviews and looking at darksouls games that it played similair to demon souls and if so i much prefer bloodborne. Though i think in a sequel they need at least make another build. One character is all you need to experience every weapon to its fullest pretty much.

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Spurg1204d ago

'Less weapons and armor, less lore,'

Yes...finally someone who actually understands what made the soul series special.

People misunderstand what you meant by your statement...
What Sharingan_no_Kakashi meant was if they are less weapons and armor there will be less lore as most of the story in Dark souls and demon souls was told through the descriptions of items.

The argument isn't about about if you use the weapons or about the lore that comes with it.

Der_Kommandant1204d ago

I'm only using the Blades of Mercy and i'm halfway though the game, in Dark Souls and Demon's Souls i used like 30 weapons each playthrough.

I prefer quality over quantity and this game blows other souls games out of the water in terms of gameplay, graphics, art style, soundtrack, etc and this is coming from a huuuge souls fan.

I love everything about this game.

starchild1204d ago

Of course it's going to look better, though, since it is on a new generation of hardware.

Anyway, there are both pros and cons to Bloodborne relative to the Souls games. Overall, I still prefer Dark Souls, but Bloodborne is nicer in terms of visuals due to the new hardware.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1204d ago

But it isn't Souls. It's a whole different game !

Ozmoses1204d ago

I haven't used a shield all game.... I just finally beat Rom, The Vacuous Spider...

I don't think having a shield would of helped much anyway....

FYI - I'm new to the Souls games... Bloodborne is my first...

It is fantastic..

Trial and Error... Learn from your mistakes... The game is pretty brutal in some areas... Especially Yar'Ghul, The Unseen Village when the enemies come back to life even after you've killed them.

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rawrock1204d ago

I have never played this series, gonna pick up Dark Souls on X1...

MasterCornholio1204d ago

Bloodbornes combat feels very different than Darksouls. Mainly because it focuses on offense instead of defense. But Darksouls is still great and ilk be getting Dark Souls 2 for my console.

rawrock1203d ago

I guess 9 people disagree that I am getting Dark Souls on my X1 :/ lol this site is crazy. But I pre-ordred last night. Excited for next week!

Psychotica1204d ago

Great game, I really love the atmosphere. The thing that bugs me the most though is the whole lantern\hunter's dream travel system. The bonfire system in Dark Souls was far better IMO. With bonfires you could just sit down and the enemies would respawn, now we have to wait while traveling back to hunter's dream then wait again while we travel back to the lantern. With bonfires, you could also travel between them, you didn't have to go back to Majula. This travel system is just a pain in the ass and a waste of time.

Grave1204d ago

Or you could use a Bold Hunter's Mark.

Psychotica1204d ago

All that does is take back to the last lantern you were at

Grave1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

It also resets the level and the enemy spawns.

Summons751204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

The bonfires are what killed the difficulty in Dark Souls compared to Demon's Souls. Grind, level, grind level, upgrade, level etc" It just made it way too easy and there were far to many bonfires that you could just run and hit the checkpoint. Demon's Souls did it better by having a nice claim central area where you could take a breath from the chaos, level up, buy items, upgrade weapons then have access to everything you've unlocked. It's always a relief when you beat a boss to see that lantern. That's what made Demon's Souls great, having 40, 50k souls and beating the boss to get the relief and sense of accomplishment to know you had a chance to take a breath after those final moments of life or death.

Tex1171204d ago

Here is a theory of mine. Also, I wont comment as to which one is the best. This is where I conceptually have them.

Demon's Souls is still the center of the universe in Miyzaki's mind. It was a balance between stats and action. Level design, and hub...experimental, strange.

Dark Souls was a step towards the RPG side of things. More stats, more weapons and armor, more choice. Interconnected world was supurb.

Dark Souls 2 was another step towards the RPG side of things. One could argue the game lumbered under its own weight.

Bloodborne is a step from Demon's Souls towards the action side of things. Less stats, less choice, but combat options for each weapon were deeper.

As for which one is better. Thats just a tough tough call. Though I think Dark Souls 2 is the weakest of the games, it is still great, just not the masterpiece of the others.

starchild1204d ago

For me it is: Dark Souls > Demon's Souls > Bloodborne > Dark Souls 2.

I love the depth in Dark Souls. The combat also felt more balanced and fair.

hangdang1204d ago

I love it so far, but I really wish it was coming out on PC down the road, (i know it won't,) because 60fps is so much better. I've seen some pretty severe dips in fps when playing co-op so far that didn't happen on my PC when I played the other Souls games.

Maxor1204d ago

This game is too much for the PS4 to handle. There are some really bad frame dips at critial moments which hampered the over all experience for me. This is a stark contrast to Dark Souls 2 on the PC which ran at a constant 60+ FPS. Granted there is a considerable generation gap in the graphics between Demon Souls 2 and Bloodborne so even the PC might struggle running this at 60 FPS.

hangdang1203d ago

Eh, I doubt it. The PS4 hardware isn't anything amazing. Bloodborne looks good, but nothing to write home about But I don't think a PC would have much of a problem handling it.

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