Halo 5: A Dramatic New Direction for the Franchise

Explosion:" After a lot of teases and some viral marketing, Microsoft and 343 Industries finally released a new teaser trailer for Halo 5: Guardians. The new video features the Spartan Locke delivering a dramatic soliloquy. His audience? That of the wounded and near fallen Master Chief. It seems Master Chief is on the ropes at the scene of a brutal battle. Locke is preparing to dispense some apparent justice against Master Chief. Based on the new trailer, I believe this is a positive and dramatic new direction for the story of the franchise to take. So far, I believe this is a great direction for the next Halo game."

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Septic1176d ago

Master Chief spoke more in that teaser than the first 3 Halo games combined lol.

It was good to finally inject some personality in him (started with Halo 4). The whole notion that 'You are Master Chief' is a bit cack because I'm not as wooden as Keanu Reeves.

Kurt Russell1176d ago

Locke spoke, I don't think MC did... he just sat down looking all shot up.

Apollosupreme1176d ago

There were two different trailers. The other had role reversals with MC doing the taking with a gun in his hand and Locke taking a seat.

darkangel3601176d ago

Thats because there are two videos. I guess yo didnt se the chiefs one.

Lev19031176d ago

Well yeah. Cortana is gone. So MC must talk now.

Im blown away by these trailers. I cant wait till it comes out. I hope it has the same epicness as HAlo 2 and reach.

christocolus1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

The ad was awesome,i've never seen MC so beat down/vulnerable&i got a much darker vibe from this than previous halo the direction 343i is heading with the franchise.Can't wait to see gameplay at E3.

StrayaKNT1176d ago

lmao at your disagrees.. Looks like its going to be the best halo yet. Why cant everyone just enjoy it?

iNFAMOUZ11176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

because its not going to be the best halo yet, halo 2 was, and always will be, you and septic dont have the right to say anything about halo based on how you demoralized mcc and calling halo 5 the best halo yet, your not true fans

Septic1176d ago

^^ Haha check out this Halo pro player.

"you and septic dont have the right to say anything about halo based on how you demoralized mcc"

Eh? TMCC was broken for a good few months. That's why I ripped into it, not because of the content of the game.

I never called Halo 5 the best Halo yet lmao. Where did I do that? I said it had the potential to be the most competitive one in terms of MP.

"your not true fans"

Lol and you are yeah? Lol get out of here pretending you understand anything about Halo.

christocolus1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )


Lol. Halo fans are all hyped for this game and a thousand disagrees on this thread can't change that fact.clicking the disagree button won't suddenly make the game bad or take the hype away .Lol. 343i are super talented and the game is going to be awesome.At E3 we will all see it.

linkenski1176d ago

So, a revenge plot, huh? I wonder what reason any of that has behind it, because none of it was set up in either H4 or the TV shows.

Also, everytime they refer to MC as a chosen one I cringe. It is so un-Halo.

mhunterjr1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

It's not a revenge plot. Locke doesn't even know MC. He's just a Spartan following clandestine orders from ONI. Chief has gone rogue, likely because he know knows things about Oni and UNSC that he previously was privy to.

Also chief is the chosen one, based on his genesong. What was percieved as luck during his development is probably a result of Halsey having prior knowledge of the librarians efforts and actively seeking out candidates who fit the description...

Of course Locke knows nothing of any of this, and is simply calling Chief the chosen one because he saved humanity from the flood like Noah did, and from evil like Jesus did. Locke is just waxing poetic.

4Sh0w1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Very well said mhunterjr, I think people making statements about the plot should maybe dive deeper into the Halo lore, also without knowing exactly what has transpired before these scenes in the trailers but still making premature statements that something doesn't make sense is well uhm senseless because most likely those questions will likely be answered by playing the game.

Automatic791176d ago

The comercials were genious at first I was rooting for Master Chief to get up and not let Spartan Locke kill him. On the second commercial I was all for Master Chief kicking Spartan Locke a--. Also, Master Chief was a Tank ready to destroy. Halo 5 its on October 27, 2015.

Note Locke looks interesting, I want to know how both stories play out.

spicelicka1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Yea I found his voice acting to be really good!

Imagine, so far we've only seen the human side of the story, their internal conflicts are interesting as hell. We haven't even seeen what the covenant and forerunners are up to!

We still haven't seen the Arbiter, Didact, librarian, Halsey, all these other characters! The story is gonna be epicc.

4Sh0w1176d ago

Well I'm conflicted on this because while I'm definitely a big fan of Chief, I like Locke too. If I'm honest I'd love to see them go at each other, then work it out and team up, if nothing else but because they have to -to survive.

hello121176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

The first trailer i liked a lot don't know the full story, but i thought the guy in the armor sounded like Darth Vader (37 seconds sounded like darth!)

Its not surprising E3 is coming they not going to show campaign footage till then.

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